The Bachelor 12: Matt Grant's Conference Call
Next Monday, Matt Grant will get down on one knee and propose to the love of his life on the season finale of The Bachelor. He had been warned about previous Bachelor relationships, that they never work out, and never make it to the altar. Matt promises, though, that he’s different. He swears he’s found true love and says he’ll do whatever it takes to make things work. Unlike previous seasons of The Bachelor, Matt has been allowed to see the woman he chose and the two have talked every day since parting. He can’t wait until next Monday, when he and his fiancé can head out into public for the first time as a couple. Today, he spoke to reporters in a conference call about this season of The Bachelor and the upcoming finale.

Despite getting engaged, Matt has no idea where he and his future bride are going to live.  "We haven't finalized it yet," he admitted to reporters.  "It's going to be tricky."  Feeling that it would be hard for an American to move to England and vice versa, he said that the two would be having very long conversations about where they'll settle down.   Of course, he didn't give any hints away as to who he would be picking next Monday.  "Both are good fun to be around," he said.  "With Chelsea, she's very sporty, very outgoing and I love that side of her.  With Shayne, she's very feminine.  It was just very easy from the start."

Bachelor fans were shocked when Matt chose to eliminate Amanda in Barbados, opting not to bring her to the final two.  "Hand to heart, it wasn't anywhere near enough," Matt said of his feelings for her.  He felt that the show played up the connection and made it seem stronger than it really was.  He had nothing but kind words to say about Amanda and wished her the best.

This week, Matt had to sit down and face all of the women that he rejected.  He said, on the episode, that he was nervous but he looked quite relaxed.  "I always look relaxed," Matt told BuddyTV.  "I was quite nervous.  I didn't want to come across as someone I'm not.  You know, you've moved on and two months later, you're brought back.  There are a lot of emotions.  It was difficult but it was nice to see them."

BuddyTV also asked Matt if ABC has been in talks with him to televise his wedding, which he couldn't comment on.  We also asked him if he noticed anything different about the woman he chose the minute the cameras were off.  He said he couldn't wait to answer that question but he'd have to tell us in next week's conference call, when he talks to everyone again but this time, with the woman he chose.  We can't wait!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: ABC
(Image courtesy of ABC)