The Bachelor 12: Amanda's Shocking Elimination
On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt headed out on romantic, overnight dates with the three remaining women. He took Shayne jet skiing, headed down a zip line with Amanda, and swam with sea turtles with Chelsea. At dinner, he offered each woman the opportunity to spend the night with him and each said yes. Shayne said that she was falling in love, Amanda said that she couldn’t picture life without him, and Chelsea said she was eager to show him that she can be romantic. At the rose ceremony, Matt handed Shayne the first rose and then, surprised everyone by giving the second one to Chelsea, eliminating Amanda. She seemed like the frontrunner to win the whole season so how did she end up going home before the finale?

I brought up the point that on the hometown date, Amanda wasted half the time on a practical joke instead of letting her family really get to know him. Though it was a pretty clever idea, when you’re on such limited time, can you really afford to let any precious moments slip by? Though he said that he liked the joke, his face said otherwise. It was a bit much, a bit over the top, a bit TOO uncomfortable. If she hadn’t done that, she may have been able to bond with him a little better and solidify a place in the final two.

Then again, Matt has been smitten with Shayne and Chelsea since very early on in the season. His connection with Amanda didn’t come until a little later, when the two headed out on a 1950s themed date. When Matt eliminated her, he couldn’t even seem to find the words to tell her why he didn’t think their relationship would work. He could hardly get a word in edgewise, as she unleashed her anger on him, telling him that she never believed he had true feelings for her.  She's probably right but The Bachelor forces its leading man to enter into relationship with women they really have no intention of getting serious with.  At the end of the day, it's not really his fault.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)