Spoilers: The Final Four 'Bachelor' Candidates for Next Season
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
By now, you've either read Reality Steve's spoilers for this season from top to bottom, or you've build for yourself the most impressive Bachelorette-blinders in the world, given that you're still here at my Bachelorette page, reading an article that starts with "Spoilers."

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If you fall into the latter category, may I just say: Bravo. And also: be warned, I am about to discuss those spoilers as though it ain't no thang, because they've been out for a good month, and they play into our actual topic at hand: Astrochicks just released the names of the four final Bachelor candidates, citing their source as a woman who recently applied to be on next season. See the identities of the men (all from Ali's current Bachelorette season) and get ready to talk your likes, loathes and theories about their chance at becoming The Bachelor:

Meet your four Bachelor candidates, according to Astrochicks: Chris Lambton, Roberto Martinez, Kirk DeWindt and Craig Robinson -- the first two of whom Reality Steve revealed to be Ali's final two guys, though he, nor anyone else, yet knows which guy Ali picks, or if she picks no one at all.

So, one of these guys' (Chris or Roberto) candidacy is a red herring meant to draw us away from the scent of the guy Ali picked, or she really did ride solo off into the sunset when Bachelorette filming ended in early May. If you put on your "I'm an ABC Casting Director" hat (a scary hat to wear, indeed) for a moment, it's easy to see that, based on good looks, gentlemanly manners, super-shiny editing and their chemistry with Ali, both Chris and Roberto would make great Bachelors -- with Chris taking a slight edge at the moment because of his heartstring-tugging back-story after recently losing his mother to illness. My guess is that whichever guy Ali doesn't pick will be the next Bachelor, or, if she picks no one, we'll have Chris to watch next season.

Steve's spoilers also reveal that Kirk will make it to the final four with Ali, and be sent home after his hometown date -- so that puts him in good position to take up the Bachelor torch if Chris and Roberto aren't up to the task. Self-proclaimed "bullsh*t detector" Craig Robinson seems like an odd choice at this point, but he is slated to stay around a little longer, so maybe we'll see more characteristics that would make him seem more like Bachelor material.

Which guy from Ali's season would you love to see as the next Bachelor? Or would you rather that ABC just start fresh with a brand-new Bachelor?