Solisa Discusses Her Time on 'The Bachelor'
Solisa Shoop was definitely one of the more attention-grabbing women recently sent home from The Bachelor. Whether she was going for a topless dip in the ocean or offering herself up as a body shot to Brad Womack, she was portrayed on the show as being a free spirit. Some viewers found it a little confusing when this was edited as a somewhat jarring contrast with a conversation she had with Brad about her morals and values that stem from her religious belief.

Solisa recently opened up about her experience on The Bachelor, and tried to clarify a little bit of what we saw from her time on the show.

Solisa says she went into the show with a combination of sincere hope to meet someone special and open-mindedness for a new fun experience. She said, “I'm always looking for love. Who isn't? Everybody's looking for someone to share their life with and that companionship. But I'm one of those people who take risks. I'm kind of a spontaneous girl.”

She thinks that Brad is sincere in what he's looking for as well. “I think Brad was very sincere... Is very sincere. I think he's a very honest person and I think he's a pretty good judge of character. I definitely think that he really was looking for someone to share his life with.”

With regard to those incidents that caused a few eyebrows to be raised, it would seem that maybe Solisa's intention was not as serious as some might have thought. She said about the body shot: “I had never done a body shot before, nor had anybody done a body shot off of me (laughing)! I definitely thought that was actually pretty funny. It was something I had never done before. I thought it would be just fun and silly, and I think he thought it was fun and silly too.”

She described her topless jaunt and “lapdance” as being also more silly than salacious. “I'm a horrible dancer and we were all just being silly and dancing around. Brad was dancing too at one point. I mean we were on a boat. What else is there to do but dance around and be silly and try to have a good time.”

While she seems to be restricted in how much she can divulge about what happened off-camera, she does attempt to put the “morals and values” conversation into some context. She said, “The conversation went a little farther than that. I can't say what it was, but there's always more to things than what meets the eye…In previous conversation with him I kind of knew where he was coming from. I know how he felt about that. We're very similar in things that we believe in and me saying that -- that I was a Christian -- I'm not a judgmental person and I know a lot of people are. I don't see anything wrong with having a good time.”

She's diplomatic about the other girls, saying that Hillary was a lot more light-hearted than she appeared in the recent episode, and that Bettina kept mum about her divorce quandary to the other girls. She thinks that Jenni's modeling portfolio wasn't a big deal, and that she doesn't think Jenni's decision to bring it should have reflected poorly on her.

Although DeAnna and Solisa didn't really bond while she was there, she still thinks she might be a good match for him. Solisa said, “I think that the most sincere person and the best person in my opinion for him would probably be DeAnna. She's probably the most down to earth…I think if I had gotten closer to DeAnna, I would have saw more in her and I would have agreed that she'd probably be great for Brad.”

She's also good-natured about her elimination, saying she had a feeling it was coming form Brad's lack of eye-contact with her during the ceremony. But there are no hard feelings, she says, and she made sure Brad knew this before she left, since the two do share a home town. “I reassured him that everything was cool. I knew I was going to see him again it Austin. Anybody I've ever dated, I'm still pretty good friends with, so I knew there wasn't going to be any weirdness between us. I reassured him that everything was going to be fine…”

While she has positive things to say about Brad, it sounds like after the sting of the elimination wore off, it's clear she isn't suffering from any long term heartbreak over the lack of a match with him, saying, “I think him and I were more buddy-buddy than love connection.”

This is the second eliminated The Bachelor woman to name DeAnna as a good match for Brad. She was moved off my list of Ring (best match for Brad) for this past week, but the glowing reviews she's gotten from her former competitors might make me reconsider things for this next week!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality TV World
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