Next 'Bachelor' to be Revealed on 'DWTS' Monday: Will It be Brad Womack?
Next 'Bachelor' to be Revealed on 'DWTS' Monday: Will It be Brad Womack?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We've seen some truly outrageous things happen over the span of 20 Bachelor(ette) seasons and one of the even more insane Bachelor Pad, but if rumors prove true and ex-Bachelor Brad Womack is about to brush himself off and try again on season 15, that might just take the cake.

We'll find out soon enough if Brad, so badly maligned for rejecting both his finalists on season 11, is willing to risk his reputation once more to look for love on TV. ABC reps have announced that the newest Bachelor will be announced during Dancing with the Stars next Monday, September 27, the taping of which he will attend with a buddy: Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

A couple days ago, People posted info from an anonymous source saying Bachelorette alums Chris Lambton and Ty Brown were the frontrunners for the next Bachelor gig, but since then Brad's name has floated to the top of the rumor pile.

The first to spill the news about Womack's impending return to reality romance was none other than Reality Steve, whose Bachelor spoilers have more often than not proven true over the years.

Today, Steve took to his blog to further convince us that the Womack rumor is true, saying, "if it wasn't true, they'd deny it by now. Chris Harrison is now tweeting saying "a lot of rumors out there. You'll find out soon." If it wasn't Brad, the first thing those people would be saying to shut me up would be, "We can tell you it's not Brad." But they're not. Trust me. It's him."

Make sense to me, but I wouldn't put anything past ABC at this point, even a little bit of reverse psychology. (As in: Maybe they knew that's what Steve would say! Hmm ... on second thought, probably not. The network that brought us Bachelor Pad couldn't be that sharp.)

Steve also answered the question on so many people's minds, "Why?" with a question of his own: "Why not?" New women, new dates and new drama will ensue even if the Bachelor remains the same. (Just ask those Rock of Love producers.) And the media blitz over Brad's return promise big controversy--which means big numbers--for the aging dating show.

Still, Bachelor fans on BuddyTV and elsewhere don't sound too thrilled about a do-over for Brad: Some 82% of you so far called it a "terrible" rather than "brilliant" idea. And if I had to distill the comments into one word, it would probably be "Ugh."

But does that mean you wouldn't watch? If Reality Steve's spoiler turns true, it sounds like ABC is placing a big bet that even those of us who think Brad botched his first shot and shouldn't get another will tune in, if only out of curiosity. Will you prove them wrong and change the channel, or submit and watch the first ever Bachelor do-over?

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