MSNBC Suggests Michael Phelps As the Next 'Bachelor'
Whether you like it or not, ABC keeps cranking out seasons of The Bachelor. Let’s face it. No one really watches it in the hopes that a couple will find true love. That seems like a lost cause at this point. No, it’s more entertaining to watch for the shocking eliminations, the breakdowns, the confrontations, and the awkward moments that the show seems to have an endless supply of. With the new season on its way, it’s easy to start imagining who we women would like to see as the new Bachelor. MSNBC offered their suggestion this week and I certainly won’t argue with it. How about Michael Phelps handing out roses next season?

Okay, so he won’t actually do it. Michael Phelps earns enough press on his own and is a bona fide athlete and star. He doesn’t need to try to fight his way into the spotlight the way Jesse Palmer, a third string NFL player or Bob Guiney, a struggling musician needs to. I think we’re all fairly confident that Phelps respects himself more than to let women chew a tin can or butcher an opera song just to talk to him for 10 seconds. So I get it. He’s not going to be the next Bachelor – but man, he’d be a good one!

Phelps has it all. He’s athletic, he’s charming, he’s got a great personality, he’s humble, he’s got great family values, and some would say, he’s a sex symbol. Who wouldn’t want to go out for midnight swim with one of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time? We’ve all seen his mother, Debbie, cheering her son on. She’d surely be welcoming and open to anybody that Michael brought to Baltimore for a hometown date.  Though it may just be a fantasy, the reality of it is that Phelps would be a truly great Bachelor and perhaps ABC should start looking more at eligible guys his caliber instead of more towards the bottom of the barrel.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of MTV)