The Hit List: 10 Reality Shows that Need to be Whacked (Page 2/2)
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Real Housewives of Orange County: The show that built Bravo is weeks away from its eighth season premiere. The camera has caught, since its premiere in 2006, a revolving cast of 15 women experiencing: divorce, marital separations, death, financial hardship, a lavish wedding, allegations of spousal abuse, engagements, an elopement, endless business ventures, plastic surgeries, drug addiction, infidelity and suicide. This is all in addition to the never ending merry-go-round of cat fights. Unless a cast member robs a bank, these ladies have nothing left to offer in the way of entertainment. Since bowing out gracefully appears out of the question, Bravo needs to just pull the plug.

Celebrity Apprentice: The altruistic nature of this program is undercut by the exploitation of celebrities like Gary Busey, who literally has brain damage, or a polarizing figure such as Rod Blagojevich. No matter how low on the celebrity totem pole some of the contestants are, they all have egos and are often unable to put them aside for the greater good. Blowhard Trump is intolerable. In the season 13 premiere, he berated previous winner Bret Michaels for returning. It is a surefire sign that this has jumped the shark when a celebrity is fired for taking every opportunity to raise money for an incurable disease.

Survivor: The "Godfather" of all competition reality shows has steadily grown to rely strictly on people with eccentric personalities to keep the show afloat. For years, Survivor was able to stay fresh with a variety of locations: Borneo, the Australian Outback, Africa and China. Lately, interchangeable coastal locations are the mainstay. Tribal swaps, Exile Island, immunity idols and having three final contestants were all introduced to keep contestants and viewers from becoming complacent. The current season, Survivor Caramoan, is the second fans vs. favorites installment. Viewers have seen previous players return in at least seven of the show's 26 seasons. Rob Marciano has played the game four times. The only thing still fresh about the show is host Jeff Probst, who has had castaways extinguishing their torches since 2000.

Dancing With the Stars: ABC made ballroom dancing sexy by recruiting gorgeous professional dancers such as Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Julianne and Derek Hough, and Karina Smirnoff dressed in skimpy costumes. Never mind you have to invest four to five hours a week between the competition and result shows. The live format along with the behind-the-scenes hookups, unexpected injuries and embarrassing missteps made dancing (pardon me NBC) must see TV. This season will be hard hit with the absence of four fan favorite professionals. Ultimately, the music and partners may change, but the steps say the same.

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The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad: The Bachelor made its debut in 2002 and has not produced one marriage between a bachelor and his final choice. There have been ten proposals. Since the premise of the show has never fully been realized, why continue? Because it has spawned two successful spin-offs: Bachelor Pad which is more about winning money than finding true love and The Bachelorette which premiered in January 2003. Out of eight women, two, Trista Sutter and Ashley Herbert married their final choices. To turn dating, romance, love and marriage into a thriving franchise is great for ABC and for the now savvy contestants who are in it for fame and not love. It doesn't bode well for the institution of marriage.

While it is shocking that several of these shows made it even one entire season, others have simply lost their luster. It's never good to stay too long at the party, and these has-beens and never-weres need to be escorted out the door.