The Bachelor 13: Episode 5 Recap (Page 2/4)
The Bachelor 13: Episode 5 Recap (Page 2/4)
Back at the hotel, the women receive their next date card. Stephanie, Jillian and Molly are invited to go on a group date, which means that Naomi gets the second one-on-one.

Stephanie, Jillian and Molly meet Jason for a Golden Argosy cruise on Lake Washington. They check out the houseboats along the Montlake Cut. The yacht drifts lazily around on Lake Union, and Jason takes Stephanie up to steer the boat. She's wearing about two pounds of makeup on her face, making her look like a Pageant Girl Gone Wild. She admires the beautiful nighttime view of Seattle as Jason asks how her daughter Sophia is doing. They reminisce about the good old times, when Sophia came and they went to Legoland. Um, yeah, that was, like, two weeks ago, and they're talking about it like it was two years ago.

After the cruise, Jason takes the women to a radio station with Jackie and Bender, who host a local morning show. (I only listen to KUOW and KEXP, so I don't know anything about Jackie and Bender.) Jason goes into the studio to do the interview, and Stephanie, Molly and Jillian are sequestered in a separate room where they can see him but can't hear what he's saying. (Naomi and Melissa listen to the interview in the hotel room on the radio.) Jason says that his favorite date was with Stephanie and that Molly is the best kisser.

Bender asks Jason whether he would be able to identify the three women by their kisses while wearing a blindfold, and then puts him to the test. Jason is blindfolded with a pink, feathered boa. First Jillian kisses him, then Stephanie and then Molly. (Stephanie hopes that Jason would be able to feel her tenderness from her kiss, but I'm guessing that he can probably smell the loads of perfume she is undoubtedly wearing.) Incidentally, Jason gets it right, three for three. Jackie asks the women about what they like most about Jason and what they are like when the lights go out. Molly likes to wear lingerie, Jillian likes to be goofy and intimate, and Stephanie says that her approach to sex is that she wants to make sure that her man is completely taken care of, even if she has to kiss every square inch of his body. See, now, I am just the polar opposite of Stephanie, aren't I? I like to be on the receiving end of all that attention, heh.

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