The Bachelor 13: Episode 5 Recap (Page 3/4)
The Bachelor 13: Episode 5 Recap (Page 3/4)
After the radio show, Jason and the three women go back to their hotel for dinner at The Georgian Room. Jason pulls Jillian aside and asks how she's doing overall because he's noticed that she has changed a bit. She explains emotionally that she wanted to be on The Bachelor for the experience and the fun, but she has really started feel like she wants to build a life with him. She very honestly tells him that she doesn't think her expectations are too high because she's really in the right stage of her life for taking the next step and settling down. She tells him about the family that he would meet if he chose her for a hometown date. They end their conversation with a kiss.

Back at the hotel room, Naomi gets her date card, which hints at heights. Of course, we've all seen the promos for this episode of The Bachelor, so we know they are going on a seaplane ride.

Jason takes Molly outside for a walk outside. He points out the Pike Place market and they walk down to the Aquarium. Y'all, I love Seattle, but I have to admit that the Aquarium is completely sucktastic. Jillian, meanwhile, is jealous again that she didn't get to go on a romantic walk outside with Jason.

Outside underneath a lamp post and overlooking the Puget Sound, Molly tells Jason about her family.

Time out for a second. Where does ABC find these women who have these functional, loving, caring families? I get that all the women are trying to make a good impression on him, since he claims to be such a family man and all, by making it seem like they are really close to their family, but are people really like that? I usually stall as long as I can before introducing my boyfriends to my parents.

Okay, back to Molly. She says that if they go to Michigan to meet her family, they'll have to play some beer pong. Ha ha! I like Molly!

The next day, Jason gets ready to meet Naomi. I think they are somewhere near the Seattle Yacht Club, but I'm not exactly sure. A seaplane pulls up on the water, and the two climb aboard. Ooh, there's a rainbow in the sky. Aww, I love Seattle! They don't see much of the scenery, however, because they are too busy kissing each other.

Back at the hotel, Stephanie and the other women conference call with Sophia. Stephanie interviews that she honestly doesn't think that Naomi isn't ready to be a mom, and that she's not the right person for him.

OK, back on Naomi's date, they go to the REI flagship store to climb the Pinnacle rock wall. Naomi's date is awesome! I think this is the one date I would have really enjoyed doing. REI is my favorite store! She kind of kicks ass climbing the wall. Once they get near the top, they park their butts down on a ledge to have a little heart-to-heart. They talk about what each is looking for in a life partner, and Naomi is really confident that they both want the same things in life.

After climbing, they settle in next to the fireplace on the main floor of the deserted store for a romantic snack of fondue. He wants to know more about Naomi's family dynamics, and she's the first of the five women to have a normal relationship with her family. It sounds like she and her parents have had a difficult time in the past but they have worked at their relationship since then. Jason is worried that because Naomi's parents haven't stayed together, that might mean that she isn't going to be a stable partner. (One could say the same thing about him, since he himself is an actual divorcé.) Naomi shares with him that she definitely wants to adopt children and have her own children as well. They snuggle down in the sleeping bags and camping gear. Jason seems glad that Naomi really opened up to him during the date.

Back at the hotel, the other women hang out in the hot tub together, discussing everyone's biggest fears and insecurities.

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