The Bachelor 13: Episode 2 Recap (Page 2/4)
The Bachelor 13: Episode 2 Recap (Page 2/4)
Personally, while I watch The Bachelor, I have two main thoughts: (1) I can't help but cringe with embarrassment at how some of these women are behaving, and (2) I would love to be in Jason's shoes. I admit that I'm a bit of an attention whore, and I would love to be the object of attention of 15 guys.

After a little while, Jason decides to give the rose to Jillian. They leave right away to get ready for their romantic date. Meanwhile, Natalie runs upstairs and locks herself in the bathroom, crying. Raquel gives her a pep talk.

Jason and Jillian arrive by limo to Walt Disney Concert Hall. Up on the roof, Jillian and Jason share romantic snacks and a great view. Then, they go inside the hall for a private concert performed by Robin Thicke (um, who??). Jason is impressed with how willing she is to get up and dance. He's pleased as punch that his first date is with her. During a slow dance, they start kissing too. Second episode of the season, and Jason's already giving out kisses.

Back at the house, Melissa gets the news that she'll be getting a one-on-one date with Jason as well.

The next morning, Jillian dishes about her date to the other women. She admits that they kissed, which makes Melissa anxious about her own date that day. Melissa meets Jason at the beach. They find a spread of oyster shooters, which I think are the most perfect food in the world. But she doesn't enjoy it, shame on her. She does her best to dispel the cheerleader image she has, being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and all, by telling him how much she wants to become a first-grade teacher. A Goodyear blimp-slash-Magic 8 Ball flies over the beach to tell Melissa that she'll have to wait to find out if she'll get a rose, but signs point to yes for kissing. Jason's just giving it up to everyone, huh? Next, the two of them hop onto the blimp for a birds-eye view of Los Angeles. He gives her the rose and then they make out some more. Jason confessionals that it has been a long time since he has had a passionate kiss like that. I'm sure Jillian will be pleased when she watches this.

The group date for tonight's episode is with eight women: Naomi, Molly, Sharon, Erica, Natalie, Lauren, Nikki and someone else whose name I didn't catch. I spaced out for a second and didn't type it, and sadly, I still can't really match all the names to the faces.

Jason brings them to a boutique and tells them to pick out an entire outfit, dress, accessories and shoes. All the women confirm every female stereotype by gushing over their shopping spree. After the boutique, they head over to a hotel to sit around and get to know one another. Later on, they change into their swimsuits again for another pool party. Jason wants to do a talent show, so he does a dorky little hip hop routine. Three of the women improvise a synchronized swimming dance, and afterwards Molly pulls Jason aside and says that she's a good kisser. Jason turns out to be quite the man-slut, and makes out with her too.

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