More 'Bachelor' Sneak Peeks: Gia's Bro Might "Break a Few Legs," Plus Rose Ceremony Drama
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
A couple more previews of Monday night's Bachelor episode make one thing clear: it's going to be THE. MOST. DRAMATIC. EPISODE. EVERRRR!

Ah, just kidding. Who am I, Chris Harrison?

Below, check out 2 videos:

The first (courtesy of ET) features Jake's interaction with a spiky-haired dude whom we can assume is Gia's brother, given that he threatens to "break a few of Jake's legs" if he hurts her.

And then: ABC's latest "Hometown Showdown" episode 6 preview, which features lots of tears and sad faces... especially Jake's!

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Will it actually be the most dramatic Bachelor episode to date? You be the judge!

Click on this link to go to and check out the dramatic preview for Bachelor: On the Wings of Love Episode 6: Hometown Showdowns!