Mission Accomplished: 'Bachelor' Scandal Episode Up By 1 Million Viewers
Mission Accomplished: 'Bachelor' Scandal Episode Up By 1 Million Viewers
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa is still crying foul since she was publicly accused of hooking up with a producer and asked to leave the show. Papa is actively denying any such affair, and yesterday she made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight in which she asked, "At what point does somebody say that this show's ratings are more important than my life?"

Well, Papa just got her answer: Monday night's episode of The Bachelor helped bring ABC its highest ratings in seven weeks, and posted 1 million more viewers than the show's premiere on January 4.

In fact, in its 14th edition, the TV Broadcast Report shows that The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love turned in the series' most-watched second episode since April 2003 (11 seasons ago), and the franchise's 3rd-most-watched second telecast overall.

The episode beat out the mid-season premieres of NBC's Chuck and Heroes by 4.5 million viewers, and by 57% in the young adult demo, and dominated its time period, ranking as Monday's number 1 program among women aged 18-34 for the second consecutive week.

The episode also posted a season-high performance for online viewers.

Tons of publicity about the alleged affair between a contestant and a staff member on the show saturated the web and papers in the week before the "scandalous" episode, so it's fair to assume that many tuned in on Monday night just to see what all the fuss was about.

For the record, no "inappropriate physical relationship" was proven or admitted during the program, but that didn't keep the other women from airing shocked faces, tears and swear words in Rozlyn's name.

But with their scandal now resolved, Papa now entirely gone from the program, and a Bachelor many are calling "boring" and "cheesy" on his own, can ABC recreate these numbers as Jake Pavelka continues to narrow down his search for his ultimate "co-pilot"?

If the network is going to try, it may be Jake next who will need to sacrifice his "Mr. Perfect" reputation for the sake of ratings.