Meet the First 5 Guys Hoping to Win Becca's Heart on 'The Bachelorette' Season 14
Meet the First 5 Guys Hoping to Win Becca's Heart on 'The Bachelorette' Season 14
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Becca Kufrin might've lost out on getting engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr. but she's getting a second chance at love as the new lead of The Bachelorette. After confronting Arie for the first time since their break-up, Becca was announced as the new lead and immediately got to meet her men. Following the tradition set by Rachel Lindsay for season 13, the first few contestants for The Bachelorette were brought out on the After the Final Rose stage. The men wasted no time in trashing Becca's ex, Arie, and doing their best to wipe out all memory of him in the audience's mind.

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With Lincoln, The Bachelorette started things off right for season 14. Lincoln was the first man to meet Becca. He quickly charmed her and the audience watching at home and in the studio. Lincoln was very nervous in meeting the new Bachelorette but he still managed to call Arie a "wanker." For context, Lincoln isn't pretentious, he's British, hence the use of the slang. 

Lincoln easily had the best first impression with Becca as she called him "sweet" multiple times. Lincoln, who is black, also managed to have the line of the night by telling Becca he was blushing but she couldn't tell for "obvious reasons." Lincoln did stay overstay his welcome a bit, having a much longer introduction than any other contestant, but Becca and the live audience didn't seem to mind.


Chase had some stiff competition coming after Lincoln but even so, he was a little too awkward. Chase stumbled over his words and weirdly introduced himself with his first and last name. (At least that descriptiveness makes it pretty easy to find Chase on social media.) According to his Instagram, Chase (Vergason) works in advertising and enjoys sloppily eating watermelon shirtless. Bachelorette fans probably shouldn't get too attached to Chase.  


Every Bachelorette season there seems to be a contestant who has musical ambitions. For Becca's round, there's Ryan (although it sounded like he introduced himself as Bryan.) Ryan Peterson came out playing a banjo to serenade Becca with a lengthy original ditty.

Despite Ryan's long introductory song, he actually works in landscaping. Music seems to be a hobby. Although if he gets enough time on The Bachelor, the banjo might take a more professional part in his life. Ryan did seem to have some nice chemistry with Becca, when he wasn't singing and strumming. 


Chase might've had the worst first impression but Darius comes in a very close second. Unlike Chase, Darius Feaster didn't lack for confidence. There was just a little too much bravado. 

Darius kept complimenting Becca's appearance in a borderline creepy way and had to be told by Becca to not get "too far ahead of himself" in thinking they were in a relationship. Darius might bounce back but he's coming into the season with a disadvantage. Outside of hitting on Becca, Darius is a 26-year-old former college football player whose Instagram handle is, of course, FeastTheBeast.


Lastly, there was Blake, who will always be known as the guy who brought a horse on stage. Blake Horstmann didn't do much to introduce himself to Becca -- mostly because he was tailed by a horse. Blake then lifted Becca up onto the horse and whisked her out of the studio with its live audience (and exposed way more leg than she probably wanted.) However, according to his Instagram, Blake sells alcohol and travels a lot. Although his home is in Denver, Colorado. 

The horse stunt will definitely get Blake an early rose. However, who knows if he'll have a connection with Becca when he's not being backed up by a farm animal.

So what do you make of Becca's first five men? Is Lincoln the obvious frontrunner, or was someone else more charming? Do you think Chase and Darius are in trouble? Can anyone top Blake and his horse? Can Blake do anything to top the horse? 

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