Is Nick Viall a Worse 'Bachelor' Than Juan Pablo?
Is Nick Viall a Worse 'Bachelor' Than Juan Pablo?
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
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A few seasons back, Juan Pablo Galavis made The Bachelor fans cringe and writhe in frustration as this heartless, arrogant guy insensitively mistreated every contestant on the show. By the end of it, we didn't want him to end up with any of them, because he didn't deserve them. This season, fans are feeling similarly about Nick Viall, which begs the question -- who is the worse Bachelor? Let's discuss.

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The Argument for Juan Pablo

juan-pablo-bachelorette-men-tell-all.gif During his season on The Bachelor, Juan Pablo lost the hearts of pretty much all the viewers of The Bachelor. He became universally disliked for his insensitivity, stupid comments and general jerk behavior. The way he treated Clare was a perfect example of his disrespect. By the last week, he couldn't care less about her feelings, which spoke volumes about his character. As he would get more comfortable on the show, he would try less and less to hide his less-appealing side.

Juan played mind games with the girls and eventually humiliated many of them. The line he gave in response to Clare's "I love you" -- "I love f*cking you, but I don't know you" -- pretty much sums up how he treats women and his lack of sympathy for them in general. This guy was absolutely terrible, but everything he did made for an incredibly entertaining season of The Bachelor.

The Argument for Nick

the-bachelor-nick-viall-pizza.gif Nick has his share of insensitive moments himself. To his credit, he does jump to the defense of the contestants when they're slut-shamed on social media, but that doesn't stop him from being his own form of jerk. The biggest problem with him is how fake he seems. He acts like this genuine guy who cares, but he has no problem sleeping around after telling other girls how much he cares about them. When they open up to him about anything personal, he has no valuable response. Basically, there just isn't anything to him, which is why it's taken him four tries to find love through The Bachelor.

While Nick may not be as big of a tool as Juan Pablo liked to pretty much brag that he is, Nick is pretty terrible in other ways. For one thing, he's turned out to be a total dud. What we loved about him in Bachelor in Paradise was how funny he was. We looked at Nick for one-liners and funny comments on everything that was going on. Now that he's under the spotlight, he seems to have lost that. So far, there has been little to no depth about him and he's just boring to watch.

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Which Bachelor do you think is worse and why? Vent your Bachelor frustrations in our comments section.

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