'The Bachelor' Interview: Eliminated Ella Nolan Was "Very Shocked," But Has "No Regrets"
'The Bachelor' Interview: Eliminated Ella Nolan Was "Very Shocked," But Has "No Regrets"
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Many Bachelor viewers were saddened and shocked when Jake Pavelka eliminated real estate agent, hair stylist, and single mom Ella Nolan, 30, just a week after the two had shared a fun-filled date at Sea World with her young son, Ethan.

As one of the more gracious and mature contestants, Ella managed to stay out of the mounting drama between blond lightning rod Vienna and the rest of the house, and kept her focus on getting to know the Bachelor, whom she was convinced was the perfect man with whom to start a new family life. Despite their similar values and emotional chemistry, though, Pavelka felt the connection wasn't strong enough to keep Ella from her son any longer, and released her during a two-on-one date this past Monday.

Ella spoke with the media yesterday morning about her Bachelor experience, how her son reacted to her elimination, and if she'd consider being the series' first single mom Bachelorette.

Do you think that the fact that you are a single mom had something to do with his decision not to give you the rose on the two-on-one date?

I think that bringing my son out on our first one-on-one date, as great that that was for me to see him with my son, it was also kind of a double-edged sword, because we didn't get to build a romantic connection. I mean he got to see the side of me that none of the other women could really give him, but then again, it didn't help us build a romantic connection.
Are you disappointed or upset that your son had an opportunity to meet Jake, and it doesn't amount to anything now that you've been eliminated?

You know, I go back and forth on that, really. Because I'm glad that he had the experience, and I'm glad that he did get to meet Jake, because Jake is a fantastic guy, I really do believe that. The hard part was after leaving the show, coming back and my son thinking that I was just coming in to spend some time with him, and going back out to the show. It was kind of difficult to explain to him that he's probably more than likely not going to be able to see Jake again, because it wasn't a TV show to him, it was real life, a little boy meeting a pilot, and them developing a bond together.

So he was disappointed that he wasn't going to be able to spend any more time with him. So as much as it was great for my son to be there and spend time with him, and just see how Jake interacted with him, it was hard to come back and tell him that it didn't really work out.

Are there any regrets having to leave your son for a time for the opportunity to appear on the show?

 No, there's no regrets, I have no regrets whatsoever about doing the show, or anything that I said or that I did. It was hard, you know, to be out there, especially around my birthday, and having to call my son and him wish me happy birthday over the phone, I've never had to do that. But if I did not think that Jake was worth it, then I would have never put myself in that position, so I don't regret it at all.

What do you think of Vienna? Why is Jake keeping her around?

I liked her, myself. All the women there are so different and they come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. To put 15 women in a house, there to meet one man and fall in love with one man, you're going to have women who see it as a competition, you're going to have women that don't get along with each other.

Vienna, she's one of the woman that she thinks a certain way or she feels a certain way -- she comes out and says it. I think it kind of rubbed some of the women the wrong way. What he sees in Vienna, none of us girls were there on their date when they're alone. She's different when she's with him then she was in the house with us. So I can see him not just taking the girls' word for it when he's not really seeing it on his own.

What was life like in the Bachelor house?

To me, I loved all of the women, I mean the women - we were all from different walks of life, different parts of America, so everyone's going to be different, the way that they've been brought up. And everyone, you know, came with their own attitude and their own way of thinking. So it was - it was a nice mixture of women. I didn't see it as a competition so I didn't get catty with the other women. Honestly, I didn't really see that there was that much drama because I kind of stayed out of it.

Were you when you were eliminated on the two-on-one date?

The night that I left I was sure that he was going to give Kathryn the rose because she was left sitting there. So when I saw that he let her go also, that was a pretty big shock to me. But then I didn't think that they had enough time to kind of develop a bond, either. So it was kind of a shock to me for him to choose her over me at first.

Which women do you think will make it to the Hometown Dates?

I don't think that Corrie will be getting a hometown date. I don't think that they've spent enough time together for her to make it to that point. I think that it's going to be Ali, Tenley, Gia and Vienna.

Which of the remaining women is best suited for Jake?

When he was on his date with Ali, he really, really made a strong connection with her, because it was the first one-on-one date. So I think that they would make a really good couple. But then, you know, him with Gia is really cute too. So I could see him with either of those women, and it going somewhere. As far as being a Jake grow old with one of them, I think that his best bet would probably be with Tenley.

If you were asked to be on the next Bachelorette, would you be interested in it?

You know, Ellen Degeneres asked me the same thing, and or she said that she thought that I should be the next "Bachelorette", and it got me thinking, would I do it or would I not? I mean I would have to talk to the producers and work everything out, because I do have a son, and he comes first in my life. So I would have to make sure that he was included with me, not as in meeting the men. Not until it got down to maybe the last two would I bring him into their lives. But it would be something that I would consider, and that I would really have to think about and pray about to make the final decision.

What do you think of Jake's old nickname, Mr. Dateless?

You know, the time that I spent with Jake, I could see that he was probably very shy in high school, because there was times that I think that he got a little overwhelmed. Most men would with a houseful of, you know, beautiful women that was all looking at him.

I don't know about dateless, I mean because he is a cutie pie. But I could see him not really approaching women and being the go-getter when it comes to women. I think that, you know, that the show and him realizing that he is a very good looking man, and that women desire him, I think that that's made him kind of break out of his shell a little bit.

What are your future plans?

My plans are, wow, to just - to use the position that God has put me in to try to touch someone's life positively. I am really big about women being confident in who they are, and not comparing themselves with other women, and not thinking that they are good enough or pretty enough. So I plan on maybe speaking to maybe the high school kids, or starting something up with battered women shelters, and trying to build up just self confidence in women, inspire them.