Chris Soules Named as Next 'Bachelor'
Chris Soules Named as Next 'Bachelor'
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It's long been rumored that Chris Soules is in the running to be the next Bachelor but now ABC has made it official. The farmer from Iowa, who was rejected by Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette, will attempt to find love on The Bachelor season 19. 

The announcement was made today on Good Morning America though Arie Luyendyk Jr., who was also being considered for the coveted position, already announced on Twitter earlier this week that he was out of the running to be the next love searcher.

Now that the next Bachelor has been named, it's time to put the spotlight on Chris Soules. Here are five things you need to know based on his time on The Bachelorette:

Chris makes an impression: Not only did Chris get one of the first one-on-one dates with Andi Dorfman, he also received the first kiss from the Bachelorette. During their first date, they went to the horse races at Santa Anita Park, where they enjoyed a private concert from the band The Wild Life.

Chris likes surprises: In the fourth week of the competition, Andi received a love letter from a secret admirer. She got few more letters in the following weeks until the secret admirer was revealed to be Chris.

Chris loves bold gestures: Chris may have come from a small town but he sure loves grand gestures. During his hometown date with Andi in Arlington, Iowa,  he gave her a tour of his farm, taught her tractor-driving lessons and expressed his love with a banner-carrying plane flying overhead that read "Chris loves Andi." 

Chris wants a family in Iowa: After Chris and Andi's hometown date, it's pretty clear that Chris wanted Andi to settle down with him in Iowa and it seemed that making a family somewhere else was not an option. That means whoever will end up with Chris on The Bachelorette would also have to embrace farm life.

Chris is a gentleman: When Andi decided to send Chris home before opening the Fantasy Suite card, Chris made a graceful exit as he ended up comforting an emotional Andi, who just wasn't sure how she would fit in in Iowa. Andi said that he was a classy guy and a perfect gentleman throughout. 

Other fun facts you may not know about Farmer Chris:
  • He was engaged to someone he has been with for seven years but decided to end the relationship just months before the wedding.
  • He wants a big family with four to six children.
  • He knows how to drive a tractor.
  • He attended Iowa State University.
  • He loves football, camping and country music.
  • According to Radar Online, he has been arrested several times.
How do you feel about Chris Soules being the next Bachelor? Are you looking forward to season 19?

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