'Bachelor' Videos: Jake, Chris and Ella Make the Talk Show Rounds
'Bachelor' Videos: Jake, Chris and Ella Make the Talk Show Rounds
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Jimmy Kimmel is my hero.

This week, Jimmy had Jake Pavelka on his show to discuss the latest Bachelor developments, and posed the question we all wish we could ask, but are barred from asking by the ABC publicists (who are just doing their job, and well):

"You did NOT find the woman of your dreams, true? YOU'RE UNDER OATH!"

Too bad Jake couldn't answer. But his face is worth, if not 1,000 words, then at least three, and I think they are: "You're right, Jimmy!"

Below, check out THREE Bachelor talk show videos from this week: Jake with Jimmy, and then host Chris Harrison and ex-contestant Ella Nolan on Ellen. Just like Jake, what they don't say is more telling than what they do (contractually, carefully, conspiratorially) say.

Jake on Jimmy Kimmel January 21, 2010:
Part One: Jake The Bachelor Talks About The Show
Part Two: Be sure to watch Jake's face when Jimmy predicts that he didn't find the woman of his dreams.

Chris Harrison on Ellen January 27, 2010:
Ellen asks Chris why the women hate Vienna; he says "every time there was an olive branch extended, she would rip it apart." What he doesn't explain, however, is why NONE of those interactions make it to air.  Maybe because The Bachelor wants us to feel sorry for and even LIKE Vienna, since the rumor is that Jake picks her in the end?

Ella Nolan on Ellen January 28, 2010:
Ella reveals her entire reason for going on The Bachelor: to meet Ellen! Ella also talks about Vienna, saying she thinks Vienna is a "good person," but might not be ready for marriage and children.

What do you think of these interviews--especially Jake's frowny face when Jimmy Kimmel said he doesn't look like a guy in love? Not that it would be at all surprising for a Bachelor to still be a bachelor at the end of the show, but you'd think he'd have been coached to hide his disappoint better. On the other hand, maybe Jake picked someone (Vienna) in the end and they're still together, and now he's using some master actor skills to throw us off his trail?

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