'Bachelor' Sneak Peek: A Topless Swimsuit Photo Shoot, Because Of Course
'Bachelor' Sneak Peek: A Topless Swimsuit Photo Shoot, Because Of Course
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night on The Bachelor, we watched as Michelle sunk her claws deeper and deeper into Brad's confused brain stem. And next Monday (Which is also Valentine's Day! WHO'S EXCITED TO SPEND V-DAY WATCHING THE BACHELOR???) we'll get to watch as she climbs on top of him and takes off her top!

Enough chatter from me. I know you want to see the video sneak peek of the girls' Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. Plus: This week's deleted scenes and Diaries of the Departed. Enjoy/try not to barf!

Episode 7 Sneak Peek: Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot. Good thing Brad would never keep a fatty, or someone who objects to objectifying herself, because next Monday's big date requires three of the women to strip down and cover their private bits with seashells. Or, as Brad puts it, "something millions of women dream about doing." Brad just knows us ladies and our dreams so well!

"Why are we watching this?" Good question, Chantal! Our thoughts exactly.

Deleted Scene: Brad's SHIIIIIRT! I always find it weird when the girls come home and gush about their romantic date ... with the guy the other women are also in love with. And you know what's even weirder? When the other women are happy for her! But that just goes to show you: What's weird to us is just a normal day on The Bachelor. 

Haha. "Everybody's gonna die!" -- Jackie.

Bachelor Uncensored: BUGS!
Have you ever seen Paranormal Activity? You have? Good. Because this is nothing like that.

Diaries of the Departed:
Alli says she's leaving a very happy woman, yet she's sobbing. Jackie said she's in love with Brad (in the episode), yet the most she feels is "a little bit rejected." Feelings can be so backwards on The Bachelor!

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