'Bachelor' Bits: Courtney Robertson is a Model Mean Girl, Ben on 'Jimmy Kimmel' Tonight
'Bachelor' Bits: Courtney Robertson is a Model Mean Girl, Ben on 'Jimmy Kimmel' Tonight
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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As you probably know, The Bachelor has major competition tonight, with the BCS Championship game airing at 8:30pm ET. Maybe that's why ABC has bestowed upon us no fewer than five sneak peeks of tonight's intensely competitive Bachelor episode, wrapping up with the super-bitchy, super-enticing one below.

You see, The Bachelor and a college football game aren't that different: They're both extremely long, insanely competitive and (even though there's rarely much non-sexual tackling on The Bachelor) highly dangerous for the players. Especially for anyone who dares to go up against Courtney "I'm a mahhhhhdull" Robertson, who's already rushing to be named this season's dirtiest player.

Because that is one delicious difference between The Bachelor and football: In football, you get a penalty for playing dirty. On The Bachelor, you get a rose.

Watch the sneak peek, plus take a peek at some other news bits before tonight's new episode (Monday, 8-10pm on ABC):

Mean Girl Sneak Peek: "How'd that taste comin' out of your mouth?" Oh, snap. I told you this girl plays dirty.

We're only in Episode Two, and already the accusations that Courtney is not a "real person" with real human feelings are coming out. And I'd have to say that her creepy monotone voice and frozen face (except when she's maniacally cackling) would support that claim. Has Ben fallen under the spell ... of a TERMINATOR?

More from the Bachelor news front:

Former Bachelorette (and freshly single) Ali Fedotowsky is blogging The Bachelor for Ladies' Home Journal, and her first recap includes non-ironic gems such as, "I find it very interesting that she is a dental hygienist" and "I tended to pride myself in remembering all of the guys' names."

It is clear that being the host of The Bachelor for 800,000 million years has neither jaded nor squelched Chris Harrison's capacity for unrealistic dreaming in the slightest.

To stay up until 1 am or set the DVR?
You'll want to do one or the other tonight, because Ben Flajnik is visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Jimmy is one of us. He loves (to hate) The Bachelor, and he never holds back. I hope Jimmy bashes Courtney a whole lot, given the big spoiler going around...

This "celebrity psychic" says that Ben is a "weak and empty" man who "leads by ego" and will ruin his engagement because both he and his bride-to-NOT-be are too obsessed with fame and money. Hey, we knew that, too! (Because we've seen The Bachelor before.) I guess we're ALL celebrity psychics!

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