'Bachelor' Bits: Ben-Bashing, Bitterness in Belize and Future 'Bachelorette' Buffoons
'Bachelor' Bits: Ben-Bashing, Bitterness in Belize and Future 'Bachelorette' Buffoons
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
What better way to prime for Valentine's Day tomorrow than two hours of Bachelor romance, roses and rejection tonight?

How about a collection of all the latest Bachelor ridiculousness while you wait? Starting with the headline of the day...

"Kacie B. of The Bachelor Shooting Submachine Guns": Is there anything more relevant and romantic than learning that a Bachelor contestant is a "gun-loving, sharp-shooting supporter of our right to keep and bear arms"? Thanks, "AmmoLand.com"!

If you still don't get the whole "Ben thing," it's really OK and probably even normal, because Barbara Walters doesn't get it either.

It seems the New York Times is just learning that The Bachelor is funny. Welcome to the party, the New York Times! You're extremely late. But thanks for getting this quote from Mike Fleiss, which is interesting despite its obviousness: "I can tell you that we cast a guy for the upcoming 'Bachelorette' who's way more likely to provide comedy than legitimate romance. [...] I don't think it's intentional comedy." Good to know you've still got Emily Maynard's worst interests at heart, Bachelor creator. Bring on the unmarriageable buffoons!

Did you see those photos of Emily Maynard, Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Hebert hanging out at a salon last week? I'm sure you're very sad and surprised to learn that the ladies weren't just having a low-key girls' day out in their full hair, makeup and party dresses in broad daylight, but were actually shooting an ABC promo for Emily's season of The Bachelorette. Among topics of conversation: Girl power! High heels! Lipstick! Destination weddings!!!!!!

After Ben dumped her after her embarrassing straddling session and kissing lesson, Jamie Otis did an interview with her local ABC affiliate, who asked her the hard-hitting questions on everyone's minds: "What's up with Courtney? And is she REALLY evil?"

And speaking of Courtney (when aren't we speaking of Courtney?), Blakeley Shea doesn't think that her "sex appeal and aggression are going to win [Ben's] heart." But Blakeley's been wrong before. Like when she showed Ben her scrapbook, and then he scrapped her.

"If she would take me back, I want to marry her, and I want her to know that": In an attempt to win her back after watching her complaining about his commitment-phobia on The Bachelor, Casey S.'s ex-boyfriend Michael has resorted to proclaiming his love on a website called RumorFix. I guess he lost her phone number?

And finally, watch tonight's episode intro in Belize: New drinking game for tonight!
Drink every time a girl tells Ben that she loves him, is falling for him, is falling in love with him or wants to build a life with him. Then, drink every time a girl talks about how Courtney is soul-sucking demon black widow hellspawn. Drink double if these topics come up in the same conversation.

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