ABC Releases Trailer for a New Season of 'The Bachelor'
Even though it's set to air on January 5 of next year, anticipation is clawing at the fans of ABC's reality series, The Bachelor.  The dating game show brings back Jason Mesnick, who was the runner-up in the fourth season of The Bachelorette.  On the November 18 episode of Dancing with the Stars, the network responsible for the series decided to release an early trailer for next year's hugely awaited season 13 of The Bachelor

From what can be seen on the clip, conclusions were made that the new season wasn't filmed in Seattle.  We notice how Jason Mesnick prepared for the appearance, claiming that one of the 25 women on the show could inevitably be his wife.  This brings the game to an entirely new level, since he's expecting these ladies to be able to care for his son, Ty.  This means that the boy will play an important part in the reality show, and we'll also get to know Jason's younger brother, Larry.  

Below is the trailer for the 13th season of The Bachelor.  It's obvious that some of the footage has been recycled from the last episodes of The Bachelorette though.  We see Jason running through the park to meet his three-year-old Ty.  This actually came from the episode in which he brings DeAnna Pappas to his hometown for a date. 

Practically the only thing new on the clip is footage of the 25 ladies.  Honestly, none of them look like the mom-type, but let's not base that on their appearances.  The combination of girls on the show doesn't seem so diverse either.  Perhaps Jason is looking for another DeAnna?  We hope not.

The Bachelor will have its two-hour premiere next year, and will eventually return to its regular 90-minute slot the next week at 8pm.  Don't forget to join Jason Mesnick in his search for “a woman who has a real curiosity about the world, who loves life and can find passion in life's smallest moments” when a new season of The Bachelor airs soon.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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