The Baby Borrowers: Premiere Review
The Baby Borrowers: Premiere Review
OK, let me say that from the moment this show was first talked about in 2007, I was not on board.  Just from watching the first 2-3 minutes of The Baby Borrowers, I knew that my first instinct was right.  Each teen couple seemed to think that they could handle having babies for all different kinds of ridiculous reasons from being "good with kids" to thinking that "babies are cute." 

Newsflash: Being good with kids is so not the same thing as raising babies, toddlers or teens.  The Baby Borrowers found a group of teens who seemed to think that they knew everything about becoming parents.  Despite my annoyance and reservations about the show, I tried to go into tonight's premiere with an open mind.

The episode started with the teen girls having to wear a fake tummy.  Kelly refused to and locked herself in the bathroom, pitching a fit in the first five minutes.  She said it made her look fat and ugly.  Right there, we should have all known she wasn't ready for motherhood.  The show forces the teens to live life in fast forward, going from being pregnant to having infants to toddlers to grade school children to pre-teens to teens in just a few weeks.

On tonight's episode, the teens struggled when they were handed infants.  One girl dropped the f-bomb, others complained that their babies were too cranky.  They seemed confused by shopping lists and were incapable of preparing bottles.  Most of them fought through the whole thing and seemed to be incapable of handling anything past the first five minutes.

I'm a teen mom myself.  I had my son at 18 and I'm not saying that it was any walk in the park.  It was the hardest thing I ever did.  I'm 29 today with a great 11-year-old son, who is the most important person in my life.  I've worked with kids ever since I was 15, running a summer program for students ages 8-12.  I also work with teens ages 13-18 on a daily basis at my parents' theater.  I honestly don't believe that teens are watching this show.  I think parents will watch this show and perhaps use it as a way to broach the subject with their kids but I'm not sure that The Baby Borrowers will stop anybody from doing what they're already planning on doing.

I really can't say I've ever been around kids who act the way the children acted on the upcoming preview for The Baby Borrowers and the show must've found the most horribly behaved kids ever for this social experiment gone wrong.  Let's call the show what it is.  Entertainment?  I guess.  Birth control?  Not so much.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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