NBC Hosts Reunion for 'The Baby Borrowers'
NBC Hosts Reunion for 'The Baby Borrowers'
Cuddling up to the controversies, the NBC network has decided that a reunion show would be fit for their summer reality series, The Baby Borrowers.  The special will air at 9pm tonight, a week after the show's season finale. 

The network has announced that the special episode will be conducted in an interactive town hall format.  Other than the cast and crew, a number of notable guests will also make appearances to facilitate the discussion.  They will also be talking about their experiences on the show, as well as the topics that it has tackled. 

The reunion special will be featuring questions from the viewers, and has NBC News' David Corvo as executive producer.  The controversial show has been welcomed by most of the network heads because of the positive message it tries to promote.  The five teenage couples may eventually find out if the responsibilities of parenthood are fit for them or not.  It has also taken into consideration the rise in teen pregnancies, as well as engaging in the ideas of how these should be handled. 

“This special should shed more light on a controversial subject that deserves more personal discussion beyond the social experiment that we provided to entertain audiences this summer,” says Craig Plestis, NBC Entertainment executive VP of alternative programming.  Despite many concerns over the fact that parents allowed their kids to be part of The Baby Borrowers, the network aims to uphold the ethics of the show.  The unique UK-based program is not merely there to entertain, but to educate the majority of soon-to-be mothers and fathers. 

If you missed the finale, NBC will broadcast it before the special at 8pm.  Home audiences have already submitted questions online for the special, and will be answered when it airs at 9pm.  The Baby Borrowers has been one of NBC's highest-rated shows on Wednesdays, and debuted to more than 7 million viewers.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: NBC, TV Week, Variety.com
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