'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: A Race to the Finish
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: A Race to the Finish
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the episode picks up where it left off last week -- a second firing after Lisa was sent home last week. And really, Donald Trump wastes no time in letting go ... Aubrey! Wow, the two remaining women fired just like that. Trump cites her transparency that was brought up during her interview, and also her inexperience/age compared to Arsenio and Clay.

So there you go, it's Arsenio and Clay battling it out in the finals. May the best man win!

The $250,000 Task

Clay and Arsenio will have to produce, host and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event. They have to create a 30 second awareness ad for their charity, produce a variety show and, of course, sell tickets to raise money. On top of that, they each have to be the entertainment for the show. With past contestants back to help out, Arsenio and Clay pick their teams like this:

Arsenio: Adam, Lisa (to keep her off Clay's team), Paul, Teresa

Clay: Penn (to prove he can work with him), Debbie, Dee, Aubrey

It's clear that by the people picked, Arsenio's going with the comedy routine, and Clay will put on a musical show.

The teams have two days to put all of this together, and the clock's ticking!

Some Things Never Change

It's great to have some people back, especially Adam, who was booted too early to get enough screen time because he has some classic lines. However, we are quickly reminded as to why he got fired so early: His ideas just aren't useable.

Penn, meanwhile, gets under Clay's skin from the start. Although this time, I side with Penn when he says the concept for the PSA seems offensive. Penn's problem is that when he criticizes or shoots down an idea, he doesn't offer any sort of solution. With Clay, you need to do that.

Everyone else also is pretty much how you remember them: Paul and Teresa don't say or offer much but are getting things done behind the scenes (I'm assuming), Aubrey offers 100 ideas a minute and I forgot how annoying Debbie is. Lisa, refreshingly, is the most pleasant -- probably because she can just sit back, enjoy and offer her strengths without having to worry about anything else.

Contrasting Styles

Arsenio's very happy-go-lucky and that's how he leads. He gives people things to do and trusts/expects them to do it, which is great but then also doesn't know exactly what's going on.

Clay, meanwhile, stresses out with a lot of responsibility, though he tries really hard not to show it. Penn points out Clay's teeth grinding as a way to know when he's stressed.

Arsenio definitely keeps the mood light and fun, while over on Clay's team, he gets Debbie upset when he micromanages a task he put her in charge of. Well, he put Aubrey on it first to take care of the event space's wall, but when Debbie offers her cousin's services to get a mural up, Clay remains stubborn in what he wants.

All About the Benjamins

Arsenio's team gets a head start making calls to raise money for the Magic Johnson Foundation. His team definitely has the bigger connections. Names like Alec Baldwin, Jay Leno, Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock are thrown around.

Clay is competing for the National Inclusion Project, a charity that he started. But with the task taking up a lot of their time, they start making calls way later. The only big name that comes up is ... Lisa Lampanelli! While she's helping Arsenio, she said she's bringing a check for Clay as they had a good relationship on the show, and he helped her many times. I thought that was incredibly sweet and can't recall that ever happening before.

To Be Continued...

On Clay's team, Debbie's about to erupt and it's put a really sour mood on the whole atmosphere. I understand Clay wanting to make sure that whatever happens in the event, he wants to see it beforehand. And he told Debbie this too, but she conveniently forgets. So she takes offense to Clay wanting to see everything and says he doesn't trust her. To Clay's credit, I wouldn't trust Debbie either.

Meanwhile, part of Arsenio's PSA includes a pitch about the charity from Magic Johnson himself. But because he's in California and Arsenio and everyone is in New York City, Adam sets up his people on the West Coast to tape Magic's part of the PSA. Adam's totally confident that everything's going to be perfect -- but you knew something would go wrong.

Adam should get some credit -- it's worse than something going a little awry. It's a complete disaster. Because Adam admits -- to just the camera -- that his people are just audio people who deal with podcasts. And then, when the video footage arrives, the entire thing is taped to Magic's profile! I was laughing so hard. It is hilarious and horrible at the same time. Horrible miscommunication leads to Magic facing the wrong way. How that happens, I don't even know!

And that's your show. How will Arsenio and Clay fix their problems? Who will be named The Celebrity Apprentice? Come back next week for the season finale!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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