'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Abrupt Twist Ends Up With Two People Fired
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Abrupt Twist Ends Up With Two People Fired
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams have to sell, sell, sell the Buick brand. Not only do they have to present the car and the brand in front of a live audience, they have to participate in a question and answer session.

The episode ends when Donald Trump gets irked and ends up firing TWO people!

Wasting Time

Debbie is Forte's project manager for this task, and she just doesn't have the "it" factor. The previous project managers, despite their differences and complaints with other team members, did possess leadership abilities in their own way. She means well, but she seems overwhelmed and scatterbrained. The women barely get anything done -- and I really don't know what they're planning on doing, other than it's about "reflection" like car windows ... I guess.

Audrey points out how Debbie's singing also feels gimmicky, and she's totally right. I know that's her talent, but use it wisely and because it makes sense. I don't have a good feeling about their presentation. The women -- even Debbie -- are completely unprepared, and Debbie's hoping some sprinkles or fairy dust can make it all come together.

Unfair Advantage?

The men will use their strength of Adam's humor to drive their project, and he's going to dominate it, which I feel like is foreshadowing to things that will come up later. But he's very confident in himself, his humor and what he knows about cars.

And the women last week had their fashion thing, so it makes sense the men would have a car thing. Do the men have the competition in the bag?

Women Go For the Tears

The women give their presentation, and I was waiting for the ball -- or anything -- to drop but it came together pretty seamlessly. Audrey -- giving this emotional speech about her mother being in an accident -- was really moving. People in the audience were tearing up, someone yelled an "Amen" and all I could think was: The airbags would've gone off had she been driving a Verano! Alas, she admitted everything was made up. She's quickly becoming my favorite, as she's entertaining, funny and may come off as a ditz but she's smart.

The women gave a strong presentation. It was creative, and I liked the four different scenarios they presented as to why their car suits them. But it did look like they struggled with the question and answer portion.

Men Use Humor as Their Weapon

The men give a funny presentation -- as expected. It'll all come down to whether the Buick reps go with the humor or with the personal side of the women. Michael could've had more energy with his endorsement portion of the presentation.

Personally, I didn't care for the men's presentation because of Adam and his humor. I didn't think he was funny, but he did manage to incorporate features about the car into his presentation. Compared to Forte, you could tell Adam knew this car inside and out. The men unsurprisingly gave a much better question and answer program.

In the Boardroom

The women are on the attack/defense again, especially Teresa and Tia vs. Debbie. The men's issue, meanwhile, centers around Lou -- who once again doesn't feel like he's been utilized. I'm kind of getting sick of his whining. I mean, if you feel like you can shine then you become the project manager.

The Trumps -- and the Buick reps -- are completely shocked that Michael didn't become project manager. Adam tries to make sense of it all, saying Michael was utilized in other ways, but ultimately, he's the performer and felt he's the best in front of the audience.

The Buick reps pick ... the women! While they felt the women didn't convey the brand strongly, they say theirs was exceptional. For the men, some of the criticisms were the lack of cohesiveness among the group during the presentation, and not having Michael be the project manager. I don't know why the fact that Michael wasn't the project manager is holding it against him.

Your'e Fired

Adam doesn't pick two people to bring back with him in the board room. If there's anything you know about Donald Trump by now, you don't go against him, or don't do what he says -- on his show. So instead of just one person, he'll fire two.

Geez, Adam! Why couldn't you just pick two people? Lou and Michael. Flip a coin. Do SOMETHING.

Trump wastes no time firing Adam. It's too bad because had he been up against two people, I believe he would've survived. While the men did lose, and he was the project manager/up on stage, what he did was still really great.

Then Trump starts picking on Michael again and bgets fired. I guess if you look at it from the point of view of the car company, they want the Andretti name. But the man obviously does not have stage presence, the men would not have won and then he would've been fired anyway.

Was the right person (people) fired?

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of NBC)