'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Impressing the Boss' Daughter
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Impressing the Boss' Daughter
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams have to create and execute a huge storefront window display with Ivanka Trump's new clothing collection (gee, how convenient for her).

Meanwhile, the men's team is dealt an unexpected blow when Dee Snider has to get immediate surgery on his finger, which he broke in the previous episode.

Forte's Timeless of a Mess

This competition seems a bit unfair, as on the surface, the women should have this one in the bag, especially with two models on the team.

But then that becomes their biggest obstacle: they're overambitious. Their biggest obstacle is their concept, which I don't get. Timeless aspiration to leadership. Aspiration and leadership is timeless. So they're going to use a clock. What?

They spend a lot of time during the photo shoot with the models to make sure every little thing is perfect -- but really, they're just wasting time.

Unanimous' Day/Night

The men seem to decide on George Takei as their project manager for one reason -- or three reasons, according to Adam Carolla -- the fact that he's gay. And the straight men seem absolutely SHOCKED that George (or Clay for that matter) can't seem to decide on style and design. Come on, guys.

George is pretty much useless as project manager. The lack of his leadership forces the other men to take matters into their own hands, which makes the entire concept that much impressive -- using twins to convey a day/night theme.

Their biggest issue is that for their "night" display, the midnight blue paint job looks like it may not have been the best choice. And they seem to be needing some help in the style department.

Dee's Surgery

I feel pretty badly that Dee needs surgery right away, getting four pins inserted into his finger. How will this impact him moving forward? Arsenio Hall says, can this competition be done with only one hand? We shall see. But props to him for sticking with the show.

On that note, can the men's team stop coming and going?

Judging Time

The men's team is up first, and George is probably the worst person to have explained the concept. He doesn't express his thoughts clearly, and he calls Clay Arsenio! It's clear that the men's team had a solid concept, but failed in execution. The clothes don't show a day and night contrast for a strong woman that this collection is trying to appeal to.

On the women's side, I really don't know what's going on here, which isn't all that surprising considering I couldn't vision what they were going to do from their discussions. It's just confusing.

I can see the women's team winning because at least they tried, while the men's task seems like they didn't put much work into it.

In the Boardroom

Both teams -- well, the women especially -- aren't as nasty and vicious as they have been in the two previous weeks. The two teams are shown photos of the other's work, which elicits some funny comments: Lou saying the photos make him want to go to a picnic, and the women responding to Clay's role as the male office assistant in the display as being totally unrealistic because they don't take any orders from men. Girl power!

You're Fired

George brings in Lou and Arsenio, who pretty much throws himself under the bus when he says if the task was lost in the styling department, it was his fault. As for Lou, George already threw him under the bus to Ivanka during the judging of the competition, saying he didn't do much.

But in the end, Trump fires George, which is pretty much a no-brainer. While Arsenio's role was a big reason why they lost, George didn't do anything during the task to give him any direction or input.

The teaser for next week's episode shows Trump deciding to fire TWO people! Will it be two from the same team? One from each? What will bring this on?

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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