The Celebrity Apprentice: Bizarro Edition
The Celebrity Apprentice has been a success for NBC.  The Apprentice was supposed to be a dead franchise, remember.  But, thanks to the writers' strike and the gimmicky celebrity premise, the reality series returned with its most successful season in years and earned an early renewal for another celebrity edition, which will premiere next season.  As we know from Dancing with the Stars, these celebrity reality shows like to find certain types of contestants and re-cast each season in a repetitive manner.  On Dancing with the Stars, there are always a couple of athletes, always the random barely famous hot chick, and the funny old guy.  They even cast Beverly Hills 90210 cast members in consecutive seasons.  This got me to thinking about how NBC will cast the next celebrity edition of The Apprentice.  It's been such an unexpected success that I doubt Trump and team will stray too much from this season's formula.  So, I've come up with a complete bizarro cast for the second edition of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Before we get started, I just want to say that my personal bizarro selections are made with only my own personal interests in mind.  These people would make for an entertaining, unprofessional, unintentionally funny season of television. 

Tiffany Fallon = Carmen Electra

The token Playboy model (Trump is friends with Hugh Hefner) gets a significant upgrade in terms of fame and personality.  In terms of looks, it's probably a down grade at this point, but not by much.

Nadia Comaneci = Tonya Harding

The Former star Olympian slot goes to everyone's favorite ice skating felon.  I'll be looking forward to the Jeff Gilooly cameo. 

Gene Simmons = David Lee Roth

I'm sorry, but this is perfect.  Right?  Roth has to be available. 

Jennie Finch = Anna Kournikova

The token hot athlete goes to someone who isn't really an athlete anymore, but she's still hot.  And, she's definitely not doing anything.

Vincent Pastore = Joe Pantoliano

The former Sopranos actor slot goes to Joey Pants, only because I think he might end up punching David Lee Roth in the face in the boardroom.

Nely Galan = Some Lady off the Street

Because the random lady would be just as famous as Nely. 

Marilu Henner = Gabe Kaplan

Mr. Kotter gets the call as the Nick at Nite staple.  He might be busy commentating on poker, but I think he could get a few weeks off.

Tito Ortiz = “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Man, I would love to see the Macho Man's career re-energized.  He'd also be a huge asset if the teams ever had to do a task for the Slim Jim company. 

Omarosa = Flavor Flav 

If Omarosa is a reality TV star (as NBC called her), then Flav is a reality TV legend.  A hall-of-famer.  Who wouldn't love to see Flav give a presentation about soap to some Dove executives?

Trace Adkins = Kellie Pickler

Just like Trace Adkins, except the exact opposite. 

Stephen Baldwin = David Arquette

The Baldwins and the Arquettes were the two families that were infamously bombed by the Canadians in the South Park movie.  That's my rationale here, thank you very much. 

Carol Alt = Fabio

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  Why hasn't Fabio embarrassed himself on American reality TV yet?

Piers Morgan = Sharon Osbourne

Might as well take the other outspoken British judge from America's Got Talent.  And, Sharon's usually more drunk than Piers, so that's good.

Lennox Lewis = Mike Tyson

Iron Mike needs to compete on a reality show at some point.  Donald Trump would be terrified of firing him.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of WWF)