The BuddyTV 'Celebrity Apprentice' Round Table #5
The BuddyTV 'Celebrity Apprentice' Round Table #5
There's no question that the celebrities on The Celebrity Apprentice are treated better than the contestants on previous seasons of The Apprentice.  For one, the celebrities do not have to sleep together in the same room or building.  Every night, they go home to their hotels or apartments and get precious time away from their teammates.  That has to be good for the state of mind.  I wonder if this ability the celebrities have to remove themselves from the game is responsible for the relative lack of fireworks in the board room or on the various tasks.  The celebrities (Piers and Omarosa aside) are all incredibly nice to each other in the boardroom – they refuse to throw each other under the bus.  Just something to ponder.  Earlier today, we held another BuddyTV Celebrity Apprentice Round Table discussion, with Jenn Hoffman and Nicole D'Ambrosio from The Apprentice: LA.

Below you will find the full mp3 audio of the Round Table discussion. 

As always, I would advise you to listen to the audio of the discussion, it's much more fun that reading these brief highlights.

Nicole was impressed by Tito Ortiz last night.  Everyone agreed that he is a nice guy, but Jenn thought he was a bit dim.  Trump, apparently, likes to reward those people who he considers nice.  Tito is certainly nice, but did he deserve that $50,000 check from Trump at the end of the episode?

We got into a discussion about why exactly people like Omarosa and Piers are able to advance so far in the game.  The possibility that, because those two are less famous and don't have to keep up a brand name based on kindness or decency, they are the only ones able to really fight it out in the board room. 

We had a special guest appearance by Jenn's mom, who was VERY upset that Omarosa wasn't fired by Trump last night. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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