The Apprentice Insider: What Was That?
Every week on BuddyTV, former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman will share her unique insights on the current season.  Find out what happened in last night's boardroom from someone who has actually been there.

Permission to speak? Thank you, Lennox.

So that was pretty must the most ridiculous firing in the history of the show. The whole episode was pretty much stupid, from the constant battling between Omarosa and Piers (shut up, both of you), to the obvious foreshadowing of Lennox’s demise, to Stephen Baldwin’s increasingly weird hair.

It didn’t start out so dismal. The task was a good one; create a live window display for Vera Wang and Serta mattresses. Empresario created a beautiful wedding scene, complete with gorgeous draping and a traditional concept. It was Omarosa’s and idea, and it was good. Hydra created a weird/ugly scene, complete with awkwardly placed laptops and a futuristic Cleopatra from outer space. It was Trace Adkin’s idea, and it was bad. Of course Hydra’s sucky space window won.

In the boardroom Trump didn’t even bother to hear any arguments or try to get to the bottom of things. The Donald basically said “I really miss Gene Simmons. That is your fault, Nely. Peace the spork out, biatch.”

So Nely is out. Her firing was undeserved and random at best. In my humble ex-Apprentice opinion, she was one of the most impressive people on this show. She has a proven track record of business savvy, innovation and accomplishment. But of course none of that matters on this show. Ever. For any reason.

Now that we know this is the most bullshitty season of them all, and believe me, there were some shenanigans going on in my season you wouldn’t believe. I hope next week is better.

-Jenn Hoffman, The Apprentice LA contestant
(Image courtesy of NBC)

Jenn Hoffman was the eighth contestant fired from The Apprentice Los Angeles. With an MBA in marketing and background in brand management, business to business sales and public relations, she used her business savvy to secure her spot on the sixth season of show. Jenn is now a television host, business reporter and CEO of The J Brand Group. Her website is