'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Always 'E' and Never 'I'
'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Always 'E' and Never 'I'
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's Day One of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice as far as I'm concerned now that Medusa Omarosa is gone. And of course, everyone is just as happy to see she was fired as the viewers are.

The contestants meet with Donald Trump and his wife Melania in the atrium of Trump Tower. He tells them that their task is to create a two page ad-editorial for the Melania Caviar Skin Care Collection. They will be judged on the display, the presentation and the ad-editorial. The winning project manager will win $40,000 for their charity.

Team Plan B

This challenge may mark the most inappropriate Project Manager selections in the history of the show, or at least this season. Penn Jillette takes charge of the challenge, with the better options of Marilu Henner and Lisa Rinna assuring that they would have his back.

Despite being the opposite of Melania Skin Care's demographic, Penn is a smart and creative human being with plenty of smart ideas. After going through a series of ideas, they settle on the slogan "Let Your Skin Taste the Luxury," and decide to include lots of real caviar in their photo shoot.

As usual, Gary Busey is extremely off-putting and makes strange comments about Melania's beauty inspiring rainbows during the executive meeting. I can't believe this man is able to function in day-to-day life, let alone be an active participant on this show.

Penn fumbles through an awful presentation in front of three Trumps -- Melania, Eric and Ivanka -- and an executive. Besides the fact that it is awkward and seems disingenuous, he refers to Melania as the "spokeswoman" of the line, which is in fact incorrect since she claims to have spent the last 10 years in personal development of the product. He also refers to the caviar in their photo shoot as "maggoty," which is less than charming, to say the least.

Team Power

Dennis Rodman is the inappropriate selection for Project Manager for Team Power, especially when someone like Brande Roderick seems like she could actually be hired for the gig if this were a real-world situation. But I suppose it's his turn to step up, and he probably would have been criticized for it if he didn't. Dennis is also pretty terrible with the executives, barely being able to speak a coherent sentence. He tells Melania that he wants to go up to her bathroom and examine what products she really uses.

Besides his mumbling, Dennis pretty much fails to come up with any plausible ideas or even delegate anything to his team members. They all kind of just take charge and start working on things that need to get done. Brande works on the presentation, Trace Adkins the graphic design and Lil Jon the photo shoot.

Trace comes up with the slogans "Simply Melania" and "Simply Luxury" to banner each page of their ad-editorials. He prints them out and sends them to Dennis to initial and send to the printer.

But the camera picks up on something that Dennis does not: the word "Melania" is incorrectly spelled "Milania" at the top of the first page. And Team Power enters into their presentation without anyone having caught the mistake. Brande gives a charming presentation about being the exact demographic for the skin care line, but it doesn't matter because all the Trumps can focus on is the glaring mistake on their advertisement.


Team Power isn't shy about letting Trump know right off the bat that Dennis wasn't exactly a strong team leader. Trace says that he doesn't remember Dennis delegating anyone to do anything (because he didn't). On the other side of the table, Gary makes a fool of himself telling Donald Trump that he would gladly be a spokesperson for Melania's skin care for both kinds of men (because there are only two): hetero and homosexual. Okay, Gary. Just shhhh. Shhhhhhh.

Trump gives a copy of each teams ad-ed to the other team to examine. And right away, Lisa Rinna notices that Team Power misspelled Melania at the top of their page. Team Power is rightfully embarrassed and flustered, but not shocked for long because Donald cuts the BS and tells them right then and there that the misspelling cost them and they lost the challenge. So Penn, who might have lost the challenge for his team in the presentation if the misspelling hadn't occurred, earns $40,000 for his charity, Opportunity Village.

Team Power comes to the consensus that the two people to blame for the mistake are Dennis because he signed off on their work and Trace for being in charge of graphic design. Trump is nice enough to allow Dennis to only bring back one person to the boardroom, because it is obvious that Trace is the only other one at least partially to blame.

To his credit, Dennis doesn't just roll over. He tries to say the mistake wasn't that big and that it is something that is easily corrected. But Trace reminds Trump that not only was it Dennis's final say that published the mistake, but he is unpredictable and consistently brought back to the boardroom by other members of his team.

Ultimately, the choice is clear, and Dennis is fired for not only letting one wrong letter slip, but also for being a terrible project manager. Team Power will probably be better off without him.

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