Exclusive Interview: Martin Han Clarke, 1st Contestant Fired on The Apprentice
Martin Han Clarke was given the dubiuous honor of being the first contestant fired on The Apprentice: Los Angeles last night. Martin kindly took the time to talk to us here at BuddyTV this morning to discuss his (unfortunately brief) time on the show. Every Monday, look for another BuddyTV exclusive interview with the previous night's fired Apprentice contestant. BuddyTV: How bad was it living outside? Did the show make it look worse than it actually was? Martin Han Clarke: It really sucked. If anything, it was actually worse in reality (no pun intended) than it looked in the show. These lawn sprinklers would pop on at the most inopportune times. Sometimes it would get all wet inside the tent.
There were also, believe it or not, all sorts of creepy crawlers crawling around; it just got incredibly messy. That's nothing compared to what our boys and girls are going through overseas protecting our country, but, you now what, there was a little bit of misery going on above Beverly Hills. Your defining Apprentice moment will likely be asking Mr. Trump if you could use the bathroom during the introductions. Do you regret it? Honestly, I just had to go. It'd been a few hours since we'd had access to the bathroom. If you look closely, my eyeballs are actually floating on the screen at that point. It was that bad. You know, I can't regret it. I did what I did, I said what I said, and I have to stick by it. Anybody who has little children knows that when you got to go, you got to go. Do you believe you were portrayed accurately on last night's episode? No, absolutely not. I absolutely think that they could have shown me doing a lot of work. I really worked hard. I dried all the cars, I made sales, I worked in the shop, all those things. You know what, though? It is what it is. I can't blame the producers or the editors. Heck, the compliments that both Mr. Trump gave me at the end and...even my enemy called me brilliant and, of course, the project manager on the other side said that they would vote off the strongest players first and, certainly, they got rid of me. All things being taken as a whole, I think I fared very well on the show. What were your first-hand impressions of Mr. Trump? I've had the great fortune of working with the Trump Organization as an attorney, doing deals. So, I've dealt with him before. I also sat on the Make-A-Wish Board of Directors and I actually did a wish with Mr. Trump, working together for a child. I've met him before and he's a great guy. I don't think people realize how charitable he is, especially in light of all the Rosie O'Donnell issues. He really is a great guy. Describe the boardroom experience. How long does it actually take to film? What you see on TV is only a snippet of all the time we spent in there. It was a war. Literally, at one point you can see me trying to get my voice back because I was screaming. Really, it's brutal. In some ways, it may be as much or more brutal than it looks on TV. It's a very long process. Any contestants you have your eyes on for future episodes. Are you rooting for anyone? The person that I really want to do well is Tim. Tim ended up defending me in the boardroom and I really appreciated it. For me, my big favorite is going to be Tim. Do you have any advice for aspiring Apprentice contestants? You really cannot give up. That's my thing. I never give up. I've never lost a case. I close all my deals. I was actually a finalist in a previous season; I was the last person cut. Luckily, I did get cut, because my daughter was born two months premature right when I got back from New York. Had I made the season I would've been sequestered and it would have been very difficult for my family. So, I lost thirty pounds, I came back fighting again and I made the show. No matter what, the thing is you have to show who you are and you have to be honest. The producers can see who the actors are and whose real. You have to be honest with who you are. What are your plans for the future? I've got so many things going on. I have a book called "Power, Influence and Profiling" where I go over the negotiation skills needed and the psychological skills needed to win a negotiation. If you noticed, I was able to maneuver the whole group against Frank in the end, even though they hated me in the beginning. I used my psychological skills to do that and I wrote a book about it. It even answers if he or she will be a great lover within ten seconds after you meet them.. There are all sorts of little tricks in the book that I cover. I also have a lecture series tour where I cover all sorts of topics; everything from Mind Control 101 to Real Estate to Race Relations in Modern America. I also opened up a TV production company called Wingman HookUp Productions where we're doing some really, really interesting stuff with culturally controversial content, which hopefully will be on a network near you soon. I've got a ton of things going on. All right, thanks a lot, Martin. Final words? Don't forget to come visit GiveHimAChanceTrump.com, where you can vote me in at the end of the season.