Donald Trump: 'Celebrity Apprentice' 3 is More "Fun" than Previous Seasons
When you hear Donald Trump refer to something as fun and happy, it's worth checking out.  But since he's talking about the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, we could pass this off as mere self-promotion.  Still, we can't help but wonder why he'd say such things about the third installment of the competition.  Could it be the cast?

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Talking to Digital Spy, the business mogul revealed that there really are plenty of surprises on the new season of his reality series.  Of course, that could mean both good and bad.  But that's what makes the drama and what makes us all tune in.

Asked how different this bunch is from the previous cast of Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump revealed how exciting things have gotten on the show.  "The cast have been very tough, very nasty, but there's also a lot of fun and happiness with respect to what happens which I don't think we had in the last one," he said.

Well, with celebrities like Sinbad and Sharon Osbourne on the line-up, we can bet that this year's Celebrity Apprentice will stand out.  It does look like Donald Trump has fallen prey to casting for the sake on-screen drama though.  But he'll make it work somehow.

"Frankly, when you've had a success, you don't change too many things," the Trump tycoon admitted.  "But what we do have is a different tone, and we're going to have a two or three hour live finale."

That's certainly a development in the history of Celebrity Apprentice.  Changes really are to be expected on the show, and Donald Trump knows there will be a lot.  He's even expecting his expectations to be unfulfilled.

"You never really know and a lot of times somebody who you don't think so highly of turns out to be a star," he explained.  "I'll have a preconceived notion, but a lot of times that turns out to be not necessarily correct."

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We'll see about that, as Celebrity Apprentice airs this Sunday on NBC.

Source: Digital Spy
(Image Courtesy of WENN)