'Celebrity Apprentice' Takes Out Cyndi Lauper
'Celebrity Apprentice' Takes Out Cyndi Lauper
Donald Trump's hair buddy was finally fired from Celebrity Apprentice last Sunday, and it was ironically because of true colors. On the latest installment of the competition, the celebrities were given the task of redecorating a luxury apartment. The singer, unfortunately, wasn't able to pull through with what she was assigned.

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Cyndi Lauper was under the direction of project manager Holly Robinson Peete, who had trouble with the musician's work ethic. Their personalities clashed, highly affecting the outcome of Tenacity's efforts.

It was the seafoam-colored walls that caused the team to lose, according to judges Lee Curtis and Jonathan Adler. The two designers thought it looked "cheap" and preferred Rock Solid's creation more.

Oddly enough, that green-painted venue wasn't what Cyndi Lauper worked on. She was busy with a red room that the judges actually liked. What led her to be eliminated was the fact that her teammates threw her under the bus. Bret Michaels, who was absent for most of the task, took aim at his fellow musician for acting too much like a diva.

Holly Robinson Peete was ruthless in saving herself too, which paid off eventually. She attacked Lauper for slacking, hungrily claimed credit for herself, and simply stated that the singer didn't deserve to be on Celebrity Apprentice anymore. She did everything to stay in the competition, and the Donald was duped into believing her.

Cyndi Lauper was eliminated from the competition at last, leaving five more people in the game. Rock Solid's Sharon Osbourne seems to be leading the pack though, having won as Project Manager in the recent installment. But on the next episode, three people will be hauled out of the game.

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Soon, we'll be having our final two contestants battle it out as teams fall apart. Snapple Tea will decide who's in and out next week, until there's only one left on Celebrity Apprentice.

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