'Celebrity Apprentice': Bret Michaels Released from Arizona Hospital, Recovery Expected
Poison frontman and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Bret Michaels has reportedly been released from the Arizona hospital he was being treated in. People reports that he's on the road to full recovery, despite his doctor proclaiming that he's "still very sick right now."

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As the celebrity was discharged from Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix earlier, a televised press conference was held by his neurosurgeon. Bret Michaels' doctor, Joseph Zabramski, spoke to the crowd and praised the Rock of Love star's fighting spirit, and his luck.

"Mr. Michaels was indeed a lucky person, a very lucky person," Zabramski announced.

Bret Michaels is currently located at an undisclosed venue, where he is recuperating and receiving physical therapy. His vital signs are also being monitored closely, but he is expected to be back on his feet eventually.

"He's improving," the rocker's neurosurgeon added. "I really expect that he will fortunately make a 100 percent recovery. He's just one of those lucky people - 10 to 20 percent who make a complete recovery and can resume all of their normal activities."

Zabramski went on to say that the 47-year-old Celebrity Apprentice star can already walk on his own, in spite having a little trouble with it. Bret Michaels is very "mentally aware" as well, and progress should be on its way. Just as long as the celeb keeps fighting, that is.

"We're pretty confident he does not have an aneurysm or other problems with his blood vessels that could result in a recurrent hemorrhage," Zabramski said, affirming everyone that "[Bret's] level of consciousness [has] returned to what we call normal."

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Despite the good news though, Zabramski warned, "What I made him promise me is that he would not make any promises." For now, let's just continue to hope for the recovery of this Celebrity Apprentice star and show him our support.

Source: People, MTV News
(Image Courtesy of WENN)