'Celebrity Apprentice' 3: Preview of Episode 7
'Celebrity Apprentice' 3: Preview of Episode 7
It's too bad there are only two men left on Celebrity Apprentice, because tonight's challenge will definitely require some muscular strength. But because the numbers aren't working well for the teams, the Donald has come up with new ones. We don't mean our remaining celebrities got replaced or anything, just mixed up. Well, more than usual.

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There will be a reorganization of team members for Rock Solid and Tenacity tonight, despite the uneven distribution of people. But it you put Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis in a bunch, then that evens out the 3:4 ratio.

The aforementioned contestants will be making up Rock Solid on Celebrity Apprentice from now on. Meanwhile, Curtis Stone, Holly Robinson Peete, Cyndi Lauper, and Summer Sanders will be on Tenacity.

For tonight's challenge, the stars will have to lift their weights to create a celebrity fitness workout. The client is 24 Hour Fitness, a franchise of gym clubs and health centers situated worldwide.

Now to win this, teams would certainly require athletes on their team. There's a WWE Diva (who didn't really win much) for Rock Solid and an Olympic swimmer for Tenacity. If they manage to take over the situation in an organized manner, which we doubt, we might just have a tough competition on our hands.

It's terrible to have Goldberg eliminated on the previous episode. He could've done a great job with this challenge, especially since we're told to expect a lot of heavy lifting. He should've done more as project manager for his team.

Speaking of which, Holly Robinson Peete will be taking the helm for Tenacity and Sharon will be doing the same for Rock Solid. Seems fair enough.

Project Manager Goldberg Fired from Celebrity Apprentice

Also, we should probably expect Donald to show off some of his workout moves. Since he was so proud of his basketball skills a few episodes back, maybe he'll give out some fitness tips tonight too. Although that really won't be necessary. Catch Celebrity Apprentice on NBC tonight.

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