Carey Sherrell Fired From The Appprentice
At least we didn't have to see Trump in that swimsuit. Mostly as a result of designing a tight-fitting, speedo-esque swimsuit, Carey Sherrell was fired by Donald Trump last night on The Apprentice. The challenge saw the two teams (Arrow and Kinetic) forced to create a line of swimwear for fashion designers and show them off in a fashion show. Whichever team sold the most swimwear would win the challenge and be free from the boardroom, as well as get to live in the mansion.
The challenge was relatively close, but Team Arrow lost again. Carey, a gay man, designed a questionable male swimsuit; a pink, tight, European-looking thing that you wouldn't find many straight men wearing. Trump, at the boardroom, was complewtely caught up in what he perceived to be the limited appeal of such male swimwear. I'm actually going to take Carey's side here. Although you're not going to see the pink speedo sweep the nation, if you go to Europe, that kind of swimsuit is probably the most prevalent. Carey had good intentions, but if there was anyone to blame for his team's loss, he was the most obvious candidate. We'll have an interview with Carey later on today, so be sure to check back. Interview with the first Apprentice Fired: Martin Han Clarke -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer