'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: The Swirtle and the Mash-Up
'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: The Swirtle and the Mash-Up
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's the final four of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, and you gotta admit that this might be one of the strongest final fours of the show. But Lisa Rinna, Penn Jillette, Lil Jon and Trace Adkins barely have time to celebrate before Donald Trump's professional fem-bot assistant Amanda tells them all to meet back in the boardroom.

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Trump tells each of the four celebs left to plead their case for being in the finals before he fires two more people.

Trace says he is the highest fundraiser in the room, but he still has some "bullets left in his gun" when it comes to raising more money for the finale. He also says that the way he played the game this time around wasn't really different from the first time he played. He says he played with integrity and didn't get sucked into the drama, something that can be said for all of the finalists.

Lil Jon makes his argument by saying he's a strong player who is creative and really good at marketing and branding, and basically every aspect of the game. He is more motivated this time playing because he feels a personal responsibility to his charity after his mother suffered a stroke as a result of diabetes.

Lisa says behind Trace, she is the second highest earner left in the game. She says she's fought very hard to make it this far after being eliminated very early her last time around. She said she left her fear at home and is a different person in the game and, in general, this time around.

Penn points out that not only was he a winning Project Manager, but he was consistently the strongest player on his team when he wasn't P.M. He tells Mr. Trump not to confuse his self-control and self-restraint with a lack of passion. He hasn't had any conflict with any team members and he has always had good ideas.

Trump tells them he is going to fire one person from both Team Power (Trace and Lil Jon) and one person from Plan B (Lisa and Penn). He starts by firing Lisa because he says Penn has been the superstar on that team from day one. He is very complimentary of Lisa's tenacity, and he is glad to take responsibility for her not being a loser anymore, like she was on the last season she was on.

Then Trump has no choice but to fire Lil Jon because he can't argue with Trace's winning record as P.M. (while Lil Jon was only 1-1).

So Trace and Penn advance to the finals. They meet Trump in another one of his gaudy buildings for him to assign them their final task. The task is to create a Delish ice cream flavor and package for Walgreens. Then they have to make a promotional video for it and sell tickets to a VIP party to showcase the product. The final two contestants will be judged on the flavor of their ice cream, brand messaging, overall presentation of the product and additional money raised through ticket sales.

Instead of picking their teams of the recently fired celebs, Trump saves them the trouble and makes the teams for them. On Team Penn, we have Lisa, La Toya Jackson and Dennis Rodman. Team Trace is made up of Lil Jon, Gary Busey and Marilu Henner.

Team Penn

Despite the crazy schedule, Penn starts things out by sitting his team down and explaining to them how important his charity is to him. Opportunity Village helps adults with intellectual disabilities train for employment and then helps find them jobs. He gets very emotional when he tells them about his charity and really rallies his team to get behind him.

Penn's team creates the Swirtle, a word invented by La Toya meaning a swirl of caramel and vanilla with chocolate turtles in the ice cream. Although it's a cute/gimmicky name, Penn is worried that no one will know what it means, so he includes the definition on the ice cream package.

He also decides to go with a Vegas theme for the commercial and the celebrity party. He gets showgirls and his partner Teller to come and film the video with him. He also contacts Wayne Newton for the VIP party, who is only able to give him a tentative "yes" to making an appearance.

He and Teller do a magic trick for the Swirtle commercial, which involves spilling lots of ice cream on Dennis as he lays on the floor. That is not a euphemism.

When they edit the video, Lisa is wary of all the bedazzled showgirl crotches in the shot, so they try and work around them to make the video more Walgreens/family-friendly. It also comes out being 12 seconds too long, and Penn decides the only way to cut the time (since they filmed it all in one shot) is to cut time off of the close-ups of the product, which may not be the best decision.

Joan Rivers visits Team Penn and is very impressed by their Vegas theme as well as their ice cream flavor. She knows that celebrities can be a little wishy-washy when it comes to committing time, but she is confident that Penn will be able to draw lots of star power for his event.

Team Trace

Trace's charity is the American Red Cross, which is equally as important to him as Penn's charity is to him. They were there to help his family after his home was destroyed in a house fire.

Trace creates the Maple Macadamia Mash-Up for his ice cream flavor. Although he initially doesn't know what the word "mash-up" means (it reminds him of potatoes), Marilu and Lil Jon convince him that it will appeal to a youthful audience.

For the video, they decide to continue to play on the mash-up concept by making a video of mashed-up dance styles between Gary and a young actress playing his granddaughter. Gary has several impromptu dance moves that he suggests, all of which his team members think are genius, a word that isn't half as overused anywhere as it is when referring to Gary Busey.

The filming process goes smooth, with Gary giving it his all with his rump-shaking. But for some reason, Marilu is also in the video, and she finds a way to be extremely nitpicky and obnoxious as she has had a tendency to do throughout this game.

Trace is frustrated because all of his big-time country connections were unable to help him for his VIP party. Joan is also worried when she comes to visit, knowing that Penn has one of the biggest Rolodexes in the industry.

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