'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: It's Not a Party Without a Flautist
'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: It's Not a Party Without a Flautist
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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All hail reality TV gods! Gary Busey has finally been fired, and not only that, but all of the contestants left are actually capable (and dare I say likable?) human beings with the ability to win it all.

No one is surprised to see that Gary was the one to get the axe, but they are all impressed at the restraint and maturity that Lisa and Penn (especially Lisa) showed in the boardroom when it came to dealing with Gary.

The five celebrities left meet Donald Trump and his advisers for this task, Don Jr. and former champion and Lil Jon's BFF John Rich, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The task this week is for the teams to throw a party in one of the suites at the Barclays Center representing the Foxwoods Resorts experience. The party should embody the Foxwoods brand and will be judged on creativity, brand messaging and overall party experience.

Team Plan B

The two ladies left in the competition volunteer as project managers for this one. So that means Lisa Rinna is the leader for her team consisting of simply her and Penn. They have to pick a theme for the party based on the services/themes of Foxwoods that include Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Joker. Right away, they know they can make the Joker theme work the best for them with Penn's connections.

Lucky for them, Marilu doesn't want the Joker theme, so Lisa has to do zero negotiating to get what she wants. Right away, Penn gets to work getting his connections to commit to an appearance. He lines up his partner, Teller, to come and do some magic, former contestant and "comedian" Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli and Foxwoods employed chef David Burke. He also manages to hire a flautist to play music to display the Native American theme of the resorts.

Lisa and Penn work as a cohesive team, with his connections and Lisa's eye for decor and party planning. They manage to work hard while having fun and being nice to each other; what a concept.

While the crazy snow in New York threatens to ground some of their celebrity guests, all of them manage to make it out to the event. David Burke's food is very imaginative and representative of the Joker theme. Teller does a gross, but amusing, magic trick where he swallows a bunch of needles and then regurgitates them onto a string. And Lisa does a "stand-up" act where she manages to embarrass real comedians as well as be disgustingly unfunny. (At one point, she refers to former CA contestant Marlee Matlin a "deaf bitch," because ... comedy?) Other than Lisa's incorrect version of what the word "funny" actually means, the party seems to go off quite well.

Team Power

Marilu decides the King theme is what will work best for Team Power and immediately starts going about planning the party in the most literal interpretation possible for said theme. Her first order of business? Order a large decorative mirror because "Kings like to look at themselves."

Lil Jon points out that despite Marilu going a million miles a minute, she fails to give either him or Trace directions on what to do for the task. Both of them take it upon themselves to try and book some entertainment. Trace tries to get Dolly Parton, but that falls through due to the weather. Lil Jon wants to reach out to some of the Brooklyn Nets players, but Marilu nixes that idea.

Trace and Lil Jon grow antsy under Marilu's simultaneously harebrained planning and lack of general direction. Trace finally manages to lock down up-and-coming country musician Hunter Hayes to come perform. He is also worried about Marilu's literal interpretation of the King theme and thinks it's not as refined as it should be.

John Rich and Lil Jon are reunited (and it feels so good!) when John comes in to advise Team Power. He suggests Marilu take advantage of the fact that Lil Jon is known as the "King of Crunk" in the hip hop community. A suggestion that Marilu decides to firmly ignore.

For the party, Marilu has a chess master come to teach people how to play chess, an idea that hadn't even been discussed among the team members the day before. There is also a massage therapist giving people who sit in thrones awkward massages due to the high backs of the thrones. Lil Jon is unable to get the sound equipment he needs to DJ at the party, but Hunter Hayes seems to be a hit among the party guests. In general, Hunter's performance is the only highlight of the party.


Penn is more confident that he and Lisa have won this challenge than he has ever been with any challenge in both his seasons of The Apprentice. He refuses to even say he'd fire Lisa if they lost because he is so sure they won.

Things are not so harmonious on Power's side of the table. Lil Jon is hesitant to compliment Marilu's managing style. Trace admits that he thinks they missed the mark, and should have negotiated harder if only to get the Joker theme out of Penn's hands, and that he thinks they basically fed the other team the win with that slip-up. Marilu also thinks that her teammates didn't back her up on this task as much as she would have if one of them was the Project Manager.

The advisers tell the teams that the executives really liked the massage and Hunter Hayes' performance on Team Power, but thought the decor was too obvious and that the chess display really missed the mark. The executives liked Plan B's party atmosphere and creativity as well as all of the star power, but thought the Native American flautist seemed a little disjointed with their theme.

They choose Plan B as the winner, and Lisa wins another $100,000 for her charity, St. Jude.

After Lisa and Penn leave, John Rich points out the big missed opportunity to use Lil Jon as the "King of Crunk." Marilu fights hard to try and blame that on him and not take responsibility for that, but there were enough other problems with their presentation that that seemed like just a footnote. Overall, her chess idea and cheesy King decor gives Trump no other choice but to fire Marilu. But she fought hard for herself by throwing her two teammates under the bus, especially Trace, saying that he was a curmudgeon who stopped trying three tasks ago. Unfortunately for Trace, that may come back to haunt him sooner than later considering next week's double elimination before the final task.

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