'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Bless the Celebs Down in Africa
'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Bless the Celebs Down in Africa
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week, we were happy to see Stephen Baldwin fired, but this week we are dealing with the consequences of still having Gary Busey around. And if you weren't already convinced that he is just plain bananas, this episode must have certainly changed your mind.

Everyone is surprised to see that Gary survived the boardroom, and Lisa is dreading having just him and one other person to work with for the next challenge. Stephen may have been a huge ass, but at least he was coherent enough to contribute to their team.

Donald Trump meets the teams in Times Square with Bret Michaels. And although the promos suggested Bret was coming back to compete in the game again, he is disappointingly only there as an adviser, along with walking corpse/Trump stooge George Ross. Trump tells them that their task is to create an interactive expo advertising tourism to South Africa. Their expos will be judged on creativity, reaction from travel experts and overall presentation.

There are two categories for the teams to choose from: romance and adventure. Both teams want adventure, so George flips a coin (not Penn's one-sided coin that he sneakily tried to use) to choose who gets what. Team Power ends up with what they wanted -- adventure -- and Team Plan B gets romance.

Team Power

Brande steps up again for Team Power because she wants to raise some money for her charity since she failed to do so the first time around.

Five of the elements they have to cover in their presentation are golfing, surfing, shark cage diving, luxury camping and zip lining. Everyone is disappointed to find out that they won't be doing anything with safaris. The executives stress to them the importance of advertising other elements of traveling to South Africa besides the safari, which everyone already knows about.

Trace comes up with the slogan "You + South Africa = Adventure," which everyone agrees is basically a B+ slogan, but they decide to use it anyway. He also agrees to take care of the golfing station with a putting green. For the shark cage diving, Lil Jon comes up with the idea of a guy dressed as a shark to trash-talk the participants.

Marilu Henner has the idea for a South African themed brochure. She also comes up with the brilliant idea of moving people across the room on an office chair with a helmet on as an experience for zip lining. Trace Adkins sees this happening and has no words, only eye rolls, for how stupid this is.

When the executives come in on the day of the presentation, they are very impressed by the South African tea and the pamphlets they receive when they first enter. They also seem to be having a good time going around to the stations, especially the putting. The chair/zip line is as stupid as it seemed in premise. And the guy in the shark costume is dry and not funny. Not to mention the "cage" the participants were supposed to be in look more like a Gothic fence. Overall, the presentation is lackluster and juvenile, and it seems very unlikely that Brande will win any money for her charity.

Team Plan B

Penn takes on the role of Project Manager, even though he is the only member of the team who hasn't been to South Africa. Even though they already have one less team member than Power, it's like they have two less because Gary is absolutely useless. In the executive meeting, he tells the executives that when he was in Johannesburg, he witnessed people being murdered. He tells Penn that he doesn't know how to order liquor from the store. And he loses his temper with Lisa for absolutely no reason while trying to talk to a caterer on the phone.

Despite Gary being nothing but a distraction during the task, Lisa and Penn buckle down together to get things done. Lisa is really impressed by Penn after he manages to use his connections to hire Zulu dancers and a South African chef for the event.

At the event, Penn gives a lovely speech to the executives and the travel experts about the romance of South Africa and having something to share with the people you love, whether it's the nature, the food or the art. The Zulu dancers and musicians are perfect for setting an atmosphere, and Lisa works the wine table where they have South African imported wines. And what does Gary do? He harasses some poor young woman about her South African romance virginity while wearing a safari hat. Of course he does.


As with every boardroom in the history of The Apprentice, both teams are confident that they won. Trace admits this was a difficult challenge and they had trouble finding their focus, but once they did, Brande was a good leader. Bret says that Brande gets a little too focused on "sweating the small stuff," which may be her downfall. And Trump takes the opportunity to be heinously offensive by asking, "Is she a good leader or is she just a stressed out b*tch?" Har har har. Calling a woman that is appropriate and funny. Oh, wait. It never is.

Anyway, on the other side of the table, Lisa and Penn fail to put Gary in his proper place, which would have been a firm position under the wheels of a bus. Neither one of them expresses just how terrible Gary was on the task. Then Gary goes off for what seems like forever about the romance of South Africa. Then Trump calls him "special" and everyone agrees that that is a great euphemism for what Gary is.

The executives like Team Plan B's experience and how it transported them back home. They think it was very enjoyable and authentic, but wish they had called more attention to specific activities and places they could visit as well as an offering of travel information. They like Team Power's enthusiasm and their hand-out, but overall call the entire experience "juvenile." So Penn comes out victorious on another task with a win for Team Plan B.

Brande has a hard time figuring out who to bring back with her to the boardroom. Trump thinks it should be Lil Jon for wanting to chose "adventure" and then complaining about it being too hard. But Brande feels loyal to Lil Jon and brings back Trace and Marilu instead.

It probably wouldn't have mattered because with a group of such talented people and with the absence of anyone really mucking things up, the main responsibility rests with the Project Manager. So Brande is fired. But before they all leave, Trace asked Trump to give Brande some money for her charity, since she failed to raise any money for Promises for Kids. Trump graciously offers $20,000 for her charity, which is really nice for someone who just called her a "stressed out b*tch" about 20 minutes before. I guess that makes it a little better?

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