5 Reasons to Watch 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice'
5 Reasons to Watch 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Celebrity Apprentice is back, and this time Donald Trump is bringing back 14 All-Stars to compete for a second chance to raise obscene amounts of money for charity. All-Star Celebrity Apprentice premieres Sunday, March 3 at 9pm and two-hour episodes will air each week until March 31, when the show moves to 10pm with one-hour episodes.

If you've grown tired of Trump's silly shenanigans and are shocked that the show is still around for a 13th season, don't worry, the contestants alone make for a very entertaining adventure.

The All-Stars include some of the greatest trainwrecks the show has seen, from the insane ramblings of Gary Busey to the alcoholism of Dennis Rodman to Omarosa, the woman always looking for a fight. All-Star Celebrity Apprentice also brings back some past favorites, including runner-up Trace Adkins (who I still think should've beat Piers Morgan in the first celebrity edition) and the only previous winner to return, Bret Michaels.

The two-hour premiere features the two teams competing to raise money by selling meatballs under the watchful eyes of Ivanka Trump and Piers Morgan, whose return ruffles the feathers of Omarosa and Trace Adkins.

Here are five exciting reasons to watch the season premiere of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Picking Teams

Unlike past seasons, the All-Stars are not divided by gender. Instead, winner Bret Michaels and runner-up Trace Adkins get to pick their teams one by one. And, either by coincidence or not, all five African-American contestants end up on the same team.

The Greatness of Trace Adkins

As he proved his first time around, country star Trace Adkins is amazing. He doesn't say much, but when he does talk with his deep, gravely voice, people pay attention. He also understands the game better than anyone. In the first task, which involves selling meatballs, Trace makes a very bold and unconventional move. His only concern is getting a handful of people with GIANT checks to show up so he can win. And it helps when you're friends with T. Boone Pickens, a bona fide billionaire. An equally great strategy is, when Piers Morgan arrives to see how they're doing, Trace has Gary Busey distract him so Piers can't stir up any drama. If there's one thing Busey is great at, it's distraction.


The show introduces Gary Busey as an "Academy Award-nominated actor." That is immediately followed by Busey saying "Everyone that I see carries a rainbow around their shoulder." There is no explanation or context for that quote, and it's only the tip of the crazy iceberg that is Gary Busey. He's also a mad genius when it comes to offering team names. His best may be the Cotton Ponies, which is actually a euphemism for tampons. Sadly, they don't go with that.

Meat + Balls

The task for the first episode is all about selling meatballs, a word that brings out the inner fourth-grader in everyone. There are plenty of jokes, none cruder than when Lisa Rinna uses her husband Harry Hamlin's secret recipe, thus giving birth to "Naked Balls in Harry Sauce." Yum?

Omarosa vs. Everyone

Donald Trump loves talking about how Omarosa is the greatest villain in reality TV history. And she proves that it's a well-deserved titled by repeatedly attacking Piers Morgan, even though he's one of the judges. She also sets her sights on Bret Michaels because, as the only former winner, taking him out would be her ultimate dream.

Tune in to see which team wins and who is the first person eliminated from All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Sunday, March 3 at 9pm on NBC.

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