'The Americans' Recap: With Comrades Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
'The Americans' Recap: With Comrades Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Loving someone doesn't mean trusting they won't hurt you, it means trusting they won't hurt you too much. That's The American's theme in its sixth episode "Trust Me". Philip and Elizabeth aren't alone in getting betrayed by their closest allies in this stellar spy romp.

Now With 50 Percent More Betrayal!

Things start with power couple Philizabeth assuring each other that whole KGB mole thing won't affect their work. Naturally, it immediately starts affecting their work like crazy. Philip's snatched up off the street, taken to a warehouse storing pain and interrogation. 

The aforementioned KGB mole is engaged in some post-coital cuddle time with Soviet leader Vasili. He mentions she's got a lot in common with the Rezidentura, namely that they've both been penetrated. Nina gets assured everything will be coming up Commie after this traitor is executed, which doesn't exactly put her mind at ease.

Kids These Days

Elizabeth is kidnapped as well, which is good because families should stick together. Unfortunately this leaves no one to pick up innocent angels Paige and Henry from the mall. They logically decide hitchhiking their way home makes sense. Before you can say "Amber Alert" they've hopped in some creeper's car who offers them beer and off - putting looks. Ensuring things don't go all Lolita, Henry smashes a bottle over this Bad Samaritan's head saving the day.

I really enjoyed this sequence. We've seen all the adults do wonderful jobs acting their parts, but these kiddos are holding their own. 

Et Tu, Granny?

Agent Beeman and Nina meet up. She wants out of these spy games, but Stan insists he's got a plan. He provides Nina with a hidden camera and sets some positively diabolical machinations in motion.

Meanwhile, in other underhanded plot news Philip and Elizabeth get a revelation. Granny steps out of the woodwork, telling them these enhanced interrogation techniques were just a test. Bringing her loyalty in question slightly annoys Elizabeth. Okay, maybe more than slightly. She plunges Granny's face in water before raining punches upon it. 

Vasili Sets Va-sail-i

Philip realizes Elizabeth must have said something raising the KGB's suspicion. She admits mentioning Philip's enjoyment of America, which enrages him. Just when they're relationship seemed on an even keel, they're back to not trusting anyone. 

It's Vasili's turn for abduction. Stan and Nina plant evidence in his office and tip off the Soviet Embassy, leaving Vasili with some big black Marx on his record. Once again, the FBI's mole is safe.

That's more than can be said for Philizabeth. Last time I checked, beating your KGB handler senseless isn't a smart career decision. Could this mean the two will be hunted by both the FBI and their Communist overlords? What did you think of this episode? Comment and let us know!

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