[Videos] 'The Amazing Race' Deleted Scenes: Braiding a Beard, Alliances and More
[Videos] 'The Amazing Race' Deleted Scenes: Braiding a Beard, Alliances and More
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Each leg of The Amazing Race being condensed into one hour of television (well, not even that, actually, because of commercials) throws off our perception of time. Flights get 10 seconds of air time, wait times at the airport are about 30 seconds and so on.

So we don't really think much about all the downtime teams actually have, and we have a deleted scene of teams passing the time the best way they can. After that, we take a deeper look into some of the bonds that are forming with teams, and one bond that became broken before it had a chance to take off.

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Bonding with Beards

Has anyone else been looking at the beards of the beard guys and hoping they (or someone else) would braid it? Well, Ephraim does in this first clip.

You're probably thinking, did I just spend more than two minutes watching a man braid another man's beard? You did. And it's hilarious for the sheer determination he has in truly making it a perfect braid. I'm really going to miss them.

Keeping His Cool

Another reason to miss the NFL guys? Their continued blossoming bromance with the beard guys. Here, we see the beard guys giving Ephraim props for being a class act when things start unraveling at the travel agency. 

You really have to hand it to them for how they keep in check. As a viewer watching at home, I was way more frustrated about what was happening than they were! But they all agree that they want to run the race the way they came in -- and also want to be able to watch themselves on television once this is over. 

Growing Alliance?

Travis and Nicole give their two cents on the other "couples" on the race, Tim and Marie and Jason and Amy. Check it out.

At first, Jason and Amy and Travis and Nicole seemed like two unlikely teams to pair up, and it really only happened by chance as they were on the same flight to Portugal. But Travis and Nicole reveal that they actually view the dating couple as a younger version of themselves! How cute. They also talk about how Tim is super nice and Marie needs to dial it down a notch. That's the understatement of the year.

Fearing the Fallout

In this final deleted scene, the baseball wives talk about the possible repercussions of their move at the airport.

I don't know about you, but I would have absolutely no idea to go to the executive lounge if I had been on standby. I wouldn't even know where the executive lounge is. It's not surprising that they would know, however, since part of their husbands' jobs is to fly around the country. So that part isn't a bit fair -- to blame Tim and Marie and Jason and Amy for not knowing what to do. However, they seem genuinely terrified of Tim and Marie, and they rightfully believe that they aren't even positive they would've received the Express Pass anyway.

Speaking of that pass, it's anyone's guess who will get it now that the baseball wives are "dead" to them. No other team would have their back, so it's going to both a burden and a blessing for the team that gets it since they'll sort of be expected to have Tim and Marie's backs.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.
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