[Videos] 'The Amazing Race' Deleted Scenes: Marie Hates the Ice Girls and Lots of Lies
[Videos] 'The Amazing Race' Deleted Scenes: Marie Hates the Ice Girls and Lots of Lies
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Lying about what you do for a living seems to be a thing now on The Amazing Race. Check out two video clips that show how two teams amuse themselves by getting others to believe what they do for a living. I get it, long days and nights -- gotta pass the time somehow. I guess.

The third clip is an extension of Jamal and Leo's second-place finish in last week's episode -- following yet another error that shows just how careless they are.

In the final clip, Marie does what she does best -- complain and hate on people. In her way this week are the ice girls.

Prince's Bodyguards 

Chester and Ephraim are both former NFL football players who both played for more than a decade. In the first deleted scene, they get the other racers to believe that they played football together at San Diego State (which is true) and now work as bodyguards (um, not true). 

They are hilarious, going on about how Prince wears purple all the time and that you can't look him directly in the eye. The others go along with it, but the guys wonder if they actually believe them. Of course they believe them. The NFL guys are giving the others too much credit. 

They Love Bingo

In this next clip, the Bingo guys tell the Oklahoma boys what they do for a living. And it's not what you think.

I don't understand why people would lie about their profession, even if it's because they don't want to be perceived as a threat, ie: say you have a master's in whatever, or a degree in a certain language. But it especially don't make sense when you say you're professional Bingo players. What is there to gain from that?

Eventually they come out with the truth, and the truth sounds less believable than the lie! Then they say they were going to say they were IRS directors, then funeral directors. The Oklahoma guys say they thought about saying they were teachers. Please just stop lying, everyone.

Lessons Learned?

It's only week two and cousins Leo and Jamal had yet another rough week, when they had to sacrifice coming in first place in the leg because they didn't pay the full cab fare. Check out the extended scene of the two of them discussing/arguing.

It seems like the two are their own worst enemies, and for two people who nickname themselves the "Afghanimals" because they are sooo crazy, they sure are cracking under pressure. If/when they get eliminated, it won't be because of bad luck or being slow, it'll just be for a stupid mistake. They need to figure it out -- fast.

Spewing Hate

In the following clip, Marie first hates on the Bingo guys, then it's the ice girls. And you already know she doesn't like her ex/race partner. It must be exhausting to hate so many people all the time.

Marie can't believe that Ally and Ashley finished before them, saying they're "stupid, so annoying and so dumb." But if that's what the ice girls are, what would that make Marie? What's it to her if they talk to all the male teams? Who else is there to bond with, her and Tim, two people who don't seem to have the ability to offer encouragement or support and then constantly whine about everything?

Then she contradicts herself by saying that the Oklahoma boys must be smart since they got this far -- well, the ice girls are in the exact same spot as them so calling them stupid doesn't make any sense. In fact, they finished ahead of Tim and Marie. If there's anyone who's "so annoying," it's these two.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.

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