Top 7 of '07: Reality TV Moment #1 - Charla the Knight
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We are evil people here at BuddyTV. Charla, a little person, was involved in a detour on The Amazing Race in which she and partner Mirna had to put on a full suit of armor and lead a horse down a brick walkway. Well, Charla put on the armor and, somewhere along the way, she took a face plant onto the cement.
Explaining it doesn't do it justice, but the way she fell made it look like a magnet pulled her face straight onto the ground. I watched it live and I laughed for minutes. I rewound the clip and watched it over and over. We don't typically support laughing at the misfortunes of others, but in this case an exception was made, mostly because Charla was incredibly annoying all season.

<<#2: IDOL

-Oscar Dahl
(Image courtesy of CBS)

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