The Teams Sell Sunglasses and Themselves on 'The Amazing Race'
The Teams Sell Sunglasses and Themselves on 'The Amazing Race'
From Eastnor Castle, the teams will fly to Accra, Ghana. They will find their next clue at Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. Jill and Thomas, who won the Express Pass last time, head out first and Jill is ready to prove she can do things. The doctors, Nat and Kat leave second, followed by Gleeks Connor and Jonathan, who wait for Brook and Claire. Mean Girls Katie and Rachel leave next, and accompany the Gleeks and the Home Shopping Hosts. Brook uses her sexuality to find their way to the airport. Why, Brook, why. Gary and Mallory, who are impossible to hate, leave next, followed by Michael and Kevin. The unforgettable Chad and Stephanie leave next, followed by Andie and Jenna. Nick and Vicki, who are just lucky to be here, bring up the rear.

The leads any teams got mean nothing, however, because there's only one flight to Accra, which will even everything out. I like flying on The Amazing Race, because it takes no time whatsoever. If only all flights were like that. In Accra, Brook and Claire are amazed by the locals, who "all have stuff on their heads." The teams are all hounded for money in their cabs, which frightens Connor and Jonathan and makes Mallory feel bad. Andie gave the guy some change, and I'm hoping it will give them a karmic advantage.

At the memorial park, the teams are told to go to Makola Market, where I'm guessing people still have stuff on their heads. It's super crowded, stinky, and not at all glamorous. But it's time for the first Road Block! One team member must sell sunglasses until they reach a certain amount. The team we are most worried for is Michael and Kevin, with Michael timidly walking around with a couple pairs of sunglasses. Brook is doing very well, since she sells for a living, and Chad has taken a page out of her book, "using sex to sell." Ew, get your big dumb head out of here, Chad.

Gary and Mallory are stuck with more car troubles, as their cab driver's car dies. They get another taxi, as Brook continues using her kisses to make a deal. Thomas gets frustrated with Jill, who is struggling to make a sale. Gary and Mallory arrive, and Mallory takes a block of sunglasses "for your shaded pleasure." Soon after, Brook and Claire move into the lead, followed by Michael and Kevin (whoa!), and Connor and Jonathan. 

At the Detour, teams can "tune in" or "check out."  In "tune in," teams have to install a television antenna. In "check out," the teams have to transport a big coffin through town. Brook and Claire choose "tune in," to no one's surprise. As annoying as I find her, Brook is kind of killing it. Michael and Kevin have trouble finding the clue box, as Chad and Stephanie choose "tune in," and the Mean Girls choose "check out." 

Back at the sunglasses sale from hell, Mallory sells one pair for the full amount she needs, and Jill is concerned with quality. Oh, and Nick is horrible at this challenge, too. One lady stole a pair! Unfortunately, Kat (or is it Nat?) is not good at this challenge either.

The next Pit Stop is at Kaneshie Market, where the teams have to navigate through crowds of people to check in with Phil at a bridge. Brook and Claire finish their Detour first and arrive at the Pit Stop, followed by Katie and Rachel. Connor and Jonathan were very close to installing the antenna, but decided to switch to "check out" after all that work. Yikes!

Chad and Stephanie managed to make it through an entire Detour without Chad yelling at her. The check in fourth, after Michael and Kevin. Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory, Andie and Jenna, and Nat and Kat are lost in the streets of Ghana.  Weirdly, Nick and Vicki are very good at installing the TV antenna.  

Connor and Jonathan transporting a giant fish coffin through town was maybe the best thing in this episode, and delightfully, Nat and Kat chose "check out" as well. Gary and Mallory successfully install the antenna as Andie and Jenna take yet another giant fish through town. This leg of the race seems much closer than the last. After completing the Detour, the cabs come to a standstill in traffic, with the exception of Nat and Kat's ballsy cab driver, who speeds past the other teams on the West African version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. 

Jill and Thomas check in fifth, followed by Connor and Jonathan and Nat and Kat. Nick and Vicki come in eighth, and I look forward to their blunders in the future. Gary and Mallory come in ninth (yay!), but sadly this means Andie and Jenna are eliminated. They were arguably one of the coolest stories on The Amazing Race this season, and incredibly sweet.

What did you think of this leg of the race? Can Nick and Vicki possibly last much longer? Who are your favorites? Also, let me know if you have any questions for Andie and Jenna, because I'll talk to them tomorrow!

(image courtesy of CBS)