The Last Song: An Interview with Connor and Jonathan from 'The Amazing Race'
The Last Song: An Interview with Connor and Jonathan from 'The Amazing Race'
After their sad departure from The Amazing Race, BuddyTV caught up with the cute a capella singers from Princeton, Connor and Jonathan, to ask about their strategy, where we can find them next, and you know, their love lives.

You two were definitely one of our favorite teams, we will miss you. What was your strategy going into the Race?
Connor: We wanted to run a clean, fair race, while still being competitive. We also wanted to have as much fun as possible to celebrate our graduation and the last four years of our friendship.
Jonathan: Our strategy was to stay positive, sing, not take ourselves too seriously, and to do the best we could on each challenge.  And we definitely remained true to that strategy. 

Whose idea was it to be on the show and what made you want to do The Amazing Race?
Connor: Completely Jonathan's idea. I had never seen the show but when he said we should do it I agreed without question.
Jonathan: It was my idea to go on the race.  By chance, I found out that the applications were due the next day, and I immediately thought Connor and I would be perfect for it.  While he hadn't seen the show, he completely trusted me and we decided to go for it.  We shot and edited an audition video in about an hour, and that was it.

Did you have any favorite teams or teams you formed a friendship with while on the Race? Anyone you're rooting for?
Connor: We loved spending time with the other racers- they are all incredibly interesting, dynamic people. I almost wished they weren't; it's difficult to be competitive when you like the other teams so much!
Jonathan: We liked all of the teams.  Everyone was really great this season.

What was your favorite experience or challenge on The Amazing Race?
Connor: Dog sledding in Sweden was a blast. I also really enjoyed the other sledding challenge, despite the outcome. 
Jonathan: My favorite moment on the Race was sitting on the chair lift before the sledding challenge in Sweden.  While the challenge itself was extremely difficult and pain-inducing for me, the peace and tranquility that we experienced while sitting on that lift made it all worth it.  For the first (and only) time, we were able to relax, didn't have to think about the race, and could simply enjoy the view.

What do you think was your biggest stumbling block?
Connor: I went a little flat on our final song on the mat. Aside from that, I was very pleased with how we did on the race!
Jonathan: Our biggest stumbling block was perhaps the sledding challenge, but we certainly aren't beating ourselves up over it.  We tried the course a total of five times, and while we probably would still be in the race if we switched to the beds after the third try, on that same third try I was only one second too slow (just like Gary and Mallory).  All I know is that I won't be tech sledding any time soon! 

What are your plans now that the Race is over? Any way readers can get their Connor and Jonathan fix?
Connor: I'm moving to South Korea tomorrow to begin my work with Korean PBS, writing and acting in children's educational television.  
Jonathan: I'll be performing in the upcoming Broadway musical, Spider-man: Turn off the Dark.  It opens on November 14th (previews) and December 21st (official opening), more information at

Are you single?
Connor: And ready to mingle... 
Jonathan: No comment. 

Were you surprised by any of the comments or anything you saw watching the show back?
Connor: Not really- I thought it was very true to what happened on the race. I did enjoy hearing the nicknames given to us by the other teams, though. 
Jonathan: I wasn't really surprised by anything in watching the show, except the wonderful support we have seen from our families, friends, and countless fans that enjoyed watching us week after week.  

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