The Amazing Race's Rob Mariano unveils plans for new reality show
Rob Mariano is the face of the reality TV binge America has been going through over the last decade.  Rob first appeared on Survivor, then on Survivor All-Stars (where he met his Reality Queen, Amber), then moved onto The Amazing Race, then to his own FOX Reality Channel show, and then back for The Amazing Race All-Stars.  Not a bad reality resume, right?  Well, now Rob has decided to create and host his own reality series, which he purports to be bigger than both Survivor and The Amazing Race, and which has the biggest payday in reality show history ($10 million!!!).  The show is entitled “Tontine”.  This is the gist of it:

The game will feature fifteen contestants, who each start out with one key.  Over a hundred or so days, the players will compete in physical and mental challenges in their quest to acquire all the keys.  Once one contestant acquires all of the keys, they will be rewarded with the ten million dollars.  The show will take place on all seven continents and just, I suppose, be as epic an adventure as one could ever hope for.  Details are still vague, maybe purposefully so.

Casting begins on June 30th in Dallas and will move throughout the country as the summer rolls along.  Supposedly, the show will begin filming this September and be ready to air sometime in spring 2008.  What is also unclear is whether Rob has secured a deal with any of the major networks, or if this will go to cable.  Given the humongous payday, one would think that the show will find its way to a prime time slot.  Also, if Rob hasn't secured a broadcast partner, who the hell is financing a show that sounds like it might cost a ton of money to make, not even taking in to account the huge grand prize?

Regardless, this is exciting new for those who love ambitious, globe-trotting reality series.  Let's hope this turns into something special.
-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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(Source: RealityTV World)