'The Amazing Race': What's the Matterhorn?
'The Amazing Race': What's the Matterhorn?
The teams are in Switzerland, and taking helicopters! Zev and Justin are feeling first and fortunate. Kisha and Jen, departing second, are having more fun this time around. And they're going to have extra fun with that whole dollar for the leg of the race. Kent and Vyxsin put on extra glitter for this leg of the race (to match the snow), and are convinced they're getting along better. Kent and Vyxsin have trouble getting a cab, and Gary and Mallory don't. This pisses Kent off to the point of well, more complaining.

The Globetrotters catch up and everyone waits for their helicopters, departing five minutes apart. They have a lot of safety gear on, which worries some of the teams, while other team members are worried about the helicopter ride. Has there been a major heights Road Block yet?

So once the teams arrive, they'll need to choose between "Search" and "Rescue" for their Detour. For "Search," they'll be using Avalanche Beacons to locate a training dummy, which they must dig up. For "Rescue," one team member will be lowered into a crevasse to rescue an actual guy, and then both team members will pull him up.

Zev and Justin choose Search, Kisha and Jen choose Rescue. Both tasks look exceedingly difficult and/or terrifying. Gary and Mallory find Zev and Justin digging, as they choose Search. Kent and Vyxsin, and Flight Time and Big Easy, choose Rescue. As usual, it's not going well for Kent and Vyxsin, as Vyxsin lowers Kent further and further into the crevasse as he's yelling, "STOP!"

Still, the Rescue task does not take nearly as long as digging up the training dummy, which seems really awful. Gary manages to rescue the top half of the dummy, leaving his severed legs in the snow. Meanwhile, Vyxsin keeps telling Kent to wipe his nose.

Kisha and Jen, Kent and Vyxsin, Gary and Mallory, and Flight Time and Big Easy all catch up waiting for the next train to Zermatt. It gives them a 25-minute lead over Zev and Justin, who are still digging. Oh, it's so depressing.

Chocolate! The teams must make a chocolate Travelocity Gnome (of course), and cool it in the snow and stuff to get their next clue. The four teams ahead of the pack snack on some chocolate while Zev and Justin finally dig up their fake body.

Vyxsin is trying to be very careful and detail-oriented, while Kent has "noticed some people are puttin' their halves in the oven." And he kept noticing that, and saying it, even though it was the freezer and not the oven. Vyxsin keeps both her molds out for a while, which leads to some drama when Flight Time goes to the "oven" (freezer) to collect his half. It's Gnome Bottom-gate, and Big Easy is really pissed about it. Vyxsin didn't do anything, but the Globetrotters opt to blame Vyxsin because they can't figure out where Flight Time's half went. In a fight between Big Easy and Kent, who would win?

There is something going on between Kisha and Big Easy, no? Shake the gnome, not your body! I'm guessing by the levity that everyone found their rightful gnome halves. I cracked up when Zev called the chocolate lady (who is just helping them with the challenge) Captain Obvious.

Kent and Vyxsin finish their gnome first, and head to the Pit Stop at a Swiss cabin near the Matterhorn. The teams are told to make their way ON FOOT, but Kent and Vyxsin start looking for a taxi. The other teams pull cabs aside to ask where the Pit Stop is, then run. Gary and Mallory notice that Kent and Vyxsin are getting in a cab, and predict a "bad penalty" for them.

Vyxsin feels nervous, like they're doing something wrong, but Kent has put his blinders on and just doesn't care (his words).

Hey, there's a big dog at the Pit Stop! Cool! The Globetrotters check in first (ugh), followed by Kisha and Jen. Kent and Vyxsin try to check in third, but they receive a thirty minute penalty for taking a cab! Zev and Justin could still be in this! Gary and Mallory check in third. Zev and Justin go the wrong way for a while, and between that and Kent and Vyxsin's final bicker, it's pretty devastating. Zev and Justin beat the penalty clock and check in fourth, leaving Kent and Vyxsin to be eliminated, arguing the whole time.

In the interview segments, they seem to have their sense of humor back. They were definitely one of the funniest teams to watch. Do you have any questions for Kent and Vyxsin? Post them in the comments and I'll try to get the questions to them!

(Image courtesy of CBS)