'The Amazing Race' Week 1 U-Turn Award: Read the Clue
'The Amazing Race' Week 1 U-Turn Award: Read the Clue
Bill King
Bill King
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We're introducing a new segment for season 23 of The Amazing Race to highlight each leg's biggest blunder. This award doesn't have to go to the team that lost or was eliminated, or even the team whose mistake did the most damage.

It is a combination of all factors, and the "winner" is chosen solely at my discretion. So the parameters are pretty loose.

The dubious recognition is aptly named the U-Turn Award, since winning it most likely means a team set itself back and is acting as its own worst enemy in the quest for $1 million. 

There were several minor mess-ups early in the premiere, like when Tim and Danny ran into a language barrier ... in Los Angeles. Then there was Timothy and Reebs bickering and Nicky or Kim (do we care which is which?) whining about the heights associated in paragliding.

But just when I thought we weren't going to get an serious snafus, three teams went backwards the extra mile to help out. 

The Bronzer Medal goes to annoying Afghanimals Leo and Jamal, who failed to read their "Who's Got Both Oars in the Water?" Roadblock clue. They sent the wrong cousin out in the boat looking for fish, and who knows if they would've noticed on their own had another team not stepped up and passed the info along. 

And for good measure, they tossed in how much it sucks losing to girls, who are clearly emotionally and physically weaker than scrawny men of Middle Eastern descent, even if said girls can skate on an ice rink in skimpy clothing while shoveling snow into trash cans. Try getting away with that in Kabul.

In the end, it didn't cost them much because they still finished in the middle of the pack. But to answer the clue question, these guys got both oars in the water, but they're on the same side of the boat.

The Sliver Medal goes to married doctors Nicole and Travis, who cost themselves the double Express Pass because they took a cab to the Pit Stop instead of hoofing it. Still, they had such an insurmountable lead that they nearly took first place anyway. D'oh!

Then there was one, the Fool's Gold Medal. This week's inaugural uey goes to father and daughter Hoskote and Naina. Or daughter and father Hoskote and Naina. I'm not sure who is who, and sadly, the world may never know. 

This duo had difficulties unrelated to suggested arranged marriages right out of the gate, or NOT out of the gate, since they missed the first flight. Then Naina couldn't find the beach where Hoskote landed in a time frame suitable to his liking, and finally, after arriving last to the second Roadblock, they too messed up who was supposed to go fishing. 

But dear old dad stood on the shore, pestering his daughter to try harder until she reread the clue and realized they had things backwards. 

They finished in the dark, well after all the other teams, but at least Hoskote called her "Pumpkin" instead of "Girl" after it became clear that they were going to be eliminated. You berate to inspire, then comfort in berating-induced failure. After all, daddy knows best. 

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.

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