'The Amazing Race' Season 23 Finale Prediction: Who Will Win?
'The Amazing Race' Season 23 Finale Prediction: Who Will Win?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Amazing Race has just four remaining teams as we head into the finale, and there have been some unique challenges, to say the least.  We have watched teams in a camel beauty contest, riding in dune buggies, swimming in frigid Arctic water, and singing with The Vienna Boys Choir. The globe-trotting teams even ate grilled cobra, which I am sure was delicious! 

After enduring this roller coaster of a race, who is poised to win the one million dollar prize? Let's take a look at each team and examine their strengths and weaknesses.

Nicole and Travis

These married ER physicians seem like a dream team, but their lack of patience led them to mis-read a clue on the first episode and they were forced to stand by and watch while Timothy and Marie (Reebs) won the coveted Express Passes. This duo came in first on three legs of The Amazing Race, and managed to finish in third place or better in four other legs.

While they maintain that they are running the race in a truthful manner, their dislike of Leo and Jamal's lying led them to U-Turn the other team. Travis had no problem explaining to his competitors why they were U-Turned.

In the last few episodes, I find that Travis's impatience with his wife and the verbal comments that he made to Nicole regarding her performance certainly show a lack of grace under pressure. When Travis is not in control, this team tends to buckle under the stress, and Nicole's explanation that Travis still treats her as "a student" doesn't make it acceptable.
Timothy and Marie (Reebs)

Speaking of verbal insults, how can we forget Timothy and his ex, Reebs? Reebs has a penchant for insulting and making fun of other teams, and even terrorizes her fellow team member, Timothy. This team finished first in two legs of the race, and placed in the top three teams on several other legs.

Both of these competitors are athletic, which bodes well for them in the challenges. Reebs can be a bit aggressive, and she also seems to be a "win at all costs" sort of girl.

This team was embroiled in a few controversies this season. They took a taxi that was waiting for their friends, Jason and Amy, when the driver removed the other team's backpacks. This is not against the rules, but Reebs wanted to blame Leo and Jamal. Jason and Amy figured out who took their taxi, which led to a confrontation at the Pit Stop.

The constant bickering between Timothy and Reebs is distracting to the other teams, and results in their own lack of focus. If there was a "bickering" Detour, these two would win, hands down!

Jason and Amy

This dating couple from New England finished in second place on five legs of The Amazing Race before finally capturing first place last week. This pair have a lot of strengths which have come in handy on this race around the globe.

Amy demonstrated her kindness by helping a frazzled Nicole assemble a bamboo instrument. Jason and Amy had also worked with Timothy and Reebs in the past, but the stolen taxi controversy led to some bitter feelings. This couple is all about the teamwork and not afraid to work together with other teams.

While this couple is also athletic, they communicate well and support each other without descending immediately into frustration. All in all, they seem to have more advantages than weaknesses.

Leo and Jamal

These cousins, also known as the Afghanimals, have been prone to some disagreements during the race.  This duo, who came in first on two legs of the race, have big personalities and excel at challenges that have them dealing and communicating with locals. They also seem to be having the most fun, and are incredibly entertaining. 

They are also not afraid of lying, such as when they U-Turned Brandon and Adam and then denied it. This pattern of lying or misleading other teams also made them the proud recipients of two U-Turns, and the disdain of the other teams.

Their unwillingness to give up has served them well, as they survived both U-Turns. Last week, after a disastrous decision that had them going back and forth between Detours, they were the final team to cross the mat. It was a non-elimination leg, so they are still in the game, but will have to perform a Speed Bump challenge. The Speed Bump could ruin their chances of winning the race.

Who Will Win?

Since these teams have made it this far, it is obvious they are good racers. So who has the best shot of winning The Amazing Race, and the million dollar prize? I think that the team with the best chance is Jason and Amy. They communicate and work well together, and are not rocked by disagreements and angry outbursts like the other teams. Plus, they are friendly and helpful, so some good karma may factor in, right? 

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